[Journal], 1834 Apr-Sep.


Shepheard, Edward Blackmore. [Journal], 1834 Apr-Sep.

[Journal], 1834 Apr-Sep.

Holograph journal of Shepheard's five-month trip from England to New York and Lower Canada (Ontario) in the spring and summer of 1834. The volume chronicles his almost eight-week passage to New York on the Cato; sightseeing in and around New York City, including an excursion to Passaic on the new railroad; and travel up the Hudson River and over the Erie Canal to Niagara Falls. Shepheard is particularly interested in American customs and institutions, visiting the financial district, markets, churches and religious settlements, and prisons, and frequently commenting on or correcting Mrs. Trollope's recent Domestic Manners of the Americans. The scenic beauty of upstate New York and Niagara Falls are extensively described; Shepheard quotes Cooper, Byron, and the American poet John Neal at length in these entries. Arriving in Toronto during the height of a cholera epidemic, he discusses the tense political situation and the mayor William Lyon Mackenzie; social and business meetings with the colony's governor Sir John Colbourne; the high cost of living in the town; and his own Loyalist opinions. He also describes his injuries from the collapse of an upper gallery during a political meeting on July 26 and his slow recuperation. The final section of the journal details Shepheard's "voyage of discovery" to the head of Lake Simcoe and portage to Lake Huron, including frontier living conditions, contact and trade with local Indians, and his attempts to hunt and fish. Shepheard concludes the diary with his return to Toronto and his taking of the oath of loyalty, within earshot of Niagara Falls.

1 v. (310 p.) ; 20 x 13 cm.

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