Harry H. Ensign autograph collection, 1818-1880 (inclusive).


Ensign, Harry H.,. Harry H. Ensign autograph collection, 1818-1880 (inclusive).

Harry H. Ensign autograph collection, 1818-1880 (inclusive).

Miscellaneous autographs and letters of American political and cultural figures, among them John and John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Jefferson Davis, Horace Greeley, and Lydia Sigourney. Also included are eleven letters to James F. Babcock, editor of the New Haven weekly Palladium, on politics (1840-1866) and seven letters (1866-1872) to R. P. Cowles in New Haven from prospective lecturers.

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Buckingham, William A. (William Alfred), 1804-1875

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U.S. senator and governor of Connecticut. From the description of Letter of William A. Buckingham, 1873. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79452131 Gov. of Connecticut. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Washington, to Hubert P. Main, 1870 Mar. 5. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270530879 From the description of Autograph letter signed : Norwich, Connecticut, to O.D. Barrett, 1873 Nov. 15. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270526212 From...

Ensign, Harry H.,

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Platt, Orville Hitchcock, 1827-1905

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Republican lawyer who served as secretary of state of Connecticut, 1857-58, as member of Connecticut state senate and house of representatives, and U.S. Senator from Connecticut, 1879-1905. Died in office 1905. From the description of Letter, June 28, 1882. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 53882387 U.S. senator, public official, and lawyer of Connecticut. From the description of Signature of Orville Hitchcock Platt, 1865. (Unknown). Wor...

Porter, Lafayette G.

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Raymond, Henry J. (Henry Jarvis), 1820-1869

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American journalist. From the description of Autograph letter signed, 1850 Dec. 20. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270616358 From the description of Autograph letter signed : New York, 1848 Aug. 26. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270616356 From the description of Autograph letter signed : New York, to President Lincoln, 1864 May 30. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270616354 American journalist and politician. From the description of Autograph let...

Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889

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Mary Ann Lamar Cobb (1818-1889), wife of Gen. Howell Cobb (1815-1868). From the description of Letter to Mary Ann Lamar Cobb, 1888 Oct. 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38476494 Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) was born in Kentucky. He attended Transylvania University for a short time before enrolling at West Point in 1824, at the age of 16. He graduated in 1828 and immediately joined the First Infantry. His regiment was engaged in the Blackhawk War of 1831. In 1833, he became a...

Porter, Noah, 1811-1892

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Noah Porter: Congregational clergyman, educator, president of Yale College; B.A., Yale, 1831; studied at the Yale Divinity School with Nathaniel W. Taylor; ordained in 1836; from 1843-1846 pastor of the Second Congregational Church in Springfield, Massachusetts; president of Yale from 1871-1886. From the description of Noah Porter papers, 1781-1889 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702169079 Congregational minister, metaphysician, author, and president of Yale. ...

Holley, Alexander H. (Alexander Hamilton), 1804-1887

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John Churchill Coffing of Salisbury, Connecticut (1776-1847), and his second wife, Maria Birch (ca. 1780-1865), had five children: Churchill (1813-1873), Joshua B. (1815-1841), Marcia (1817-1854), Maria (1819-1839), and George (b. 1822). Joshua attended Yale as a member of the class of 1837, but dropped out after one year. Marcia and Maria both attended Grove Hall School in New Haven, Connecticut, in the 1830s. Marcia married Alexander Hamilton Holley (1804-1887) on September 10, 1835; their chi...

Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887

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Abolitionist; orator; pastor of Plymouth Church, 1847-1887. From the description of Papers, [ca.1847]-1937, 1847-1887 (bulk) (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155459715 American Congregational clergyman, lecturer, reformer, and author. From the guide to the Henry Ward Beecher papers, 1851-1896, n.d, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) Congregationalist minister. From the description of Sermon notes, [n.d.], 1893, 18...

Cowles, R.P. (Rheinart Parker), 1872-1948

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Rheinart Parker Cowles was born in Washington, Iowa in 1872 to Oscar Parker Cowles and Viola Cowles (nee Parker). He was educated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After school he worked for the Milwaukee Gas Company and the Remington Typewriter Company before entering Stanford and receiving his BA in 1899. In 1900 he moved to Baltimore and started his graduate work at the Johns Hopkins University. From 1901-1902 he was a University Fellow and from 1902-1904 he held an Adam T. Bruce Fellowship. While at ...

Adams, John, 1735-1826

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John Adams (1735-1826) was the second president of the United States, born in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts. He served as defense counsel for British soldiers accused of Boston Massacre in 1770; as delegate to Continental Congress from 1774 to 1778; as member of committee charged with drafting Declaration of Independence in 1776; as congressional commissioner to France from 1778 to 1779; as minister to United Provinces in 1780; and negotiated a loan from Dutch bankers in 1782. Adams join...

Ferry, Orris S. (Orris Sanford), 1823-1875

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Representative and Senator from Connecticut. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Norwalk, Conn., to George H. Williams, 1873 Mar. 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270526226 From the description of Autograph letter signed : Norwalk, to George W. Williams, 1873 Apr. 16. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270526235 ...

Brown, John, 1800-1859

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Abolitionist, tanner, surveyor. Involved in Ohio underground railroad and Kansas slavery and antislavery conflicts, led raid on Harper's Ferry. From the description of John Brown Papers [microform], 1849-1919. (Ohio Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 38974680 John Brown, Jr. (1821-1895) was the oldest of twenty children of the noted abolitionist John Brown of Kansas. He was a farner, soldier, and Free Soil advocate. From the guide to the John Brown, Jr. Col...

Wheeler, E. S.

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Tyler, John, 1790-1862

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John Tyler (b. March 29, 1790, Charles City County, Virginia–d. January 18, 1862, Richmond, Virginia), was the tenth President of the United States (1841–1845) and the first to succeed to the office following the death of President William Henry Harrison....

Mitchell, Donald Grant, 1822-1908

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Donald Grant Mitchell, essayist and novelist, was born in Norwich, Connecticut, graduated from Yale College in 1841 and, after serving abroad briefly as U.S. consul in Venice, Italy, from 1853 to 1854, settled near New Haven, Connecticut. Mitchell wrote literary criticism, travel literature, and volumes of essays on rural themes, including Reveries of a Bachelor (1850), My Farm of Edgewood: A Country Book (1863), and Rural Studies (1867). Other works include the novel Doctor Johns (1866), About ...

Welles, Gideon, 1802-1878

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A native of Glastonbury, Conn., Gideon Welles began his career as a lawyer but took up journalism as a profession, founding the Hartford Times, which he also edited, in 1826. Active in the Democratic Party in Connecticut, he served in the Connecticut state legislature and in several state offices. He later shifted his allegiance to the Republican Party due to his strong anti-slavery views and founded the Hartford Evening Press, a zealously Republican newspaper. President Abraham Lincoln appointe...

Curtis, George William, 1824-1892

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N.Y. editor and university chancellor. From the description of Papers, 1884-1888. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 38520658 American author, orator, and advisor to presidents. From the description of Letter : Ashfield, Mass., to George P. Sawyer, 1884 Oct. 10. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 56877394 George William Curtis was an author and orator who championed, among other causes, civil-service reform and the vote for women. ...

Hibbard, R. G.

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Dickinson, Anna E. (Anna Elizabeth), 1842-1932

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Civil War orator and lyceum lecturer, Anna Elizabeth Dickinson was born in Philadelphia, the youngest child of John and Mary Edmondson Dickinson. For biographical information, see Notable American Women, 1607-1900 (1971). From the description of Letters, 1865-1882 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007077 Anna Elizabeth Dickinson was an American orator and author. Born in Philadelphia to Quaker parents, she overcame adverse conditions in her childhood ...

Brown, John

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67m067t (person)

John Brown was a grocer and pharmacist in Warren, Ohio in the early 1800s. From the description of John Brown letter, 1817. (Brigham Young University). WorldCat record id: 137733474 John Brown was a Philadelphia miller. From the description of Account books, 1774-1787 (inclusive), 1774-1777, 1783-1787 (bulk). (Historical Society of Pennsylvania). WorldCat record id: 151378247 John Brown was a private in Company E. of the 4th Massachusetts Infantry, which...

Bacon, Leonard, 1802-1881

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American Congregational clergyman, father of Leonard Woolsey Bacon, 1830-1907 From the guide to the Leonard Bacon letters and carte-de-visite, 1842, 1845, 1861, 1881, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) ...

Sigourney, L. H. (Lydia Howard), 1791-1865

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dn46nm (person)

American author. b. Lydia Howard Huntley. From the description of Correspondence, 1839-1846. (Lewis & Clark Library). WorldCat record id: 24917231 Author Sigourney was known as the "Sweet Singer of Hartford." For biographical information, see Notable American Women, 1607-1950 (1971). From the description of Papers, 1834-1865 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007487 American author. Born Lydia Howard Huntley, m. Charles Sigourn...

Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852

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Daniel Webster (b. Salisbury, New Hampshire, January 18, 1782-d. Marshfield, Massachusetts, October 24, 1852), lawyer, orator, congressman, served as U.S. Secretary of State under presidents William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. He also served as Senator from Massachusetts....

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883

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Former vice-president of the Confederate States of America. From the description of Letter, 1866 Dec. 26, Crawfordville, Georgia, to Henry Bradley Plant. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 260819402 Alexander Hamilton Stephens (1812-1883), lawyer, politician, Vice President of the Confederate States of America. From the description of Alexander H. Stephens papers, 1844-1882. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38476996 Lawyer, journalist, governor of Geo...

Hawkins, B. Waterhouse (Benjamin Waterhouse), 1807-1889

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Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h52fmd (person)

Horace Greeley (1811-1872), American journalist, political leader, social reformer, and editor of the New York Tribune. In 1872 he received the Democratic Party's nomination for President. His New York herald was known for energetic reporting, moral standards, and intellectual appeal; its correspondents included Mark Twain, Bayard Taylor, Karl Marx, and Margaret Fuller, the first woman journalist on the staff of a major paper. He was a national figure, an innovative journalist, and influenced...

Babcock, James F. (James Fairchild), 1809-1874

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James Woods Babcock, 1856-1922, was born in Chester, South Carolina. He graduated from Philips Academy, Exeter and received both his BA and MD from Harvard University. After working for five years at the McLean Asylum in Somerville, later Waverly, Massachusetts, he accepted the position of superintendent of the State Lunatic Asylum in Columbia, SC. He resigned from that position in 1914 at which time he organized the Waverly Sanitarium in Columbia which he continued to direct until his death in ...

Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848

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John Quincy Adams (b. July 11, 1767, Braintree, Massachusetts-d. February 23, 1848, Washington, D.C.) was an American statesman who served as a diplomat, United States Senator, member of the House of Representatives, and the sixth President of the United States. He was a member of the Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, and later the Anti-Masonic and Whig parties. He was the son of President John Adams and Abigail Adams. As a diplomat, Adams played an important role in neg...

Eaton, William W. (William Wallace), 1816-1898

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Minor, William T. (William Thomas), 1815-1889

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Lyon, Nathaniel, -1861

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Nathaniel Lyon (1818-1861), soldier and author, was born in Ashford, Conn. A graduate of West Point, he served in the U.S. Army as lieutenant in Florida fighting Seminole Indians, at Sackets Harbor, N.Y., as captain in Mexico during the war (1845-1848), and in "Bleeding" Kansas. Lyon was also a well-known political commentator. He is best known for his leadership at the 1861 battle of Wilson's Creek, Mo., as a result of which was that Missouri remained in the Union during the Civil War. ...

Weed, Thurlow, 1797-1882

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Thurlow Weed, politician and journalist, was born in Cairo, N.Y., on 15 November 1797. He married Catherine Ostrander in 1818. Weed was a leader of the anti-Masonic movement of the 1820's and 30's, a New York assemblyman from 1829-1831, and a key member of the Whig Party and then the Republican Party. From 1824-1826 Weed was the owner and editor of Rochester Telegraph. He published Anti-Masonic Enquirer, and from 1829-1863 he worked as a reporter and editor for the anti-Masons' paper, Albany Eve...