Marriot Arbuthnot letters to George Jackson, 1776-1780.


Arbuthnot, Marriot, 1711-1794. Marriot Arbuthnot letters to George Jackson, 1776-1780.

Marriot Arbuthnot letters to George Jackson, 1776-1780.

Six ALS written by Arbuthnot to Jackson in London. Three ALS are dated 1776, when Arbuthnot was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and concern the arrival at Halifax of British forces retreating from Boston in April 1776. Arbuthnot's first letter, begun on April 1 and written through May 1, describes the arrival of the army and 800 loyalists, Arbuthnot's fears of famine and worries over supplies, and mentions reports of the movements of the Continental Army to Virginia to oppose General Henry Clinton. A letter of May 10 describes continuing worries over supplies, and a letter of June 3 describes his displeasure with the army's conduct and that of Admiral Shuldham. Three ALS are dated 1780, soon after the surrender of Charleston, South Carolina. A letter dated June 1, written from Charleston, details news of the movement of the French fleet, and describes delays in intercepting them. The second letter, begun August 9th and written through the 18th, is written while at anchor in Gardiner's Bay and mentions plans since abandoned of going up the Potomac in order to meet Admiral Ternay's fleet. He criticizes Clinton for being undecided about what to do, and continues his complaints in the third letter of September 2.

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