Walter Chauncey Camp papers, 1870-1983 (inclusive), 1870-1925 (bulk).


Camp, Walter, 1859-1925. Walter Chauncey Camp papers, 1870-1983 (inclusive), 1870-1925 (bulk).

Walter Chauncey Camp papers, 1870-1983 (inclusive), 1870-1925 (bulk).

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, photographs and family papers, and document Walter Camp's devotion to sports and in particular to football, which form he greatly modified. In his voluminous correspondence with Yale football stars, players at other universities, football coaches and sports associations, the interpretation of football rules forms one of the principal topics of correspondence. Prominent figures include George A. Adee, Thomas L. McClung, Vance D. McCormick, S. Brinckerhoff Thorne, Ray Tompkins, Alonzo Stagg and Fielding H. Yost. Camp's interest in physical fitness was put into action during World War I when he organized exercise programs for elderly men, a special program for Washington officials, and ultimately developed his "Daily Dozen" exercises for the Navy. These activities are reflected in his correspondence with Newton D. Baker, Josephus Daniels, John W. Davis, William G. McAdoo, Franklin D. Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. He also corresponded with Theodore Roosevelt, 1905 and 1908, in connection with a commission set up to investigate fatalities in football during the season of 1905. Approximately twelve feet of the papers are made up of Camp's writings, which include articles, rule manuals, reviews and books. Half the material is devoted to football and another large section is on physical fitness. An important section of the papers is made up of questionnaries, reports and comments of the Football Investigating Committee set up in 1893 to investigate injuries incurred during the game. The original schedules returned by twenty-one colleges and seventeen preparatory schools are in the papers. There are also a number of family photographs, photographs of Camp's physical fitness programs and of sports events. A small amount of family correspondence (1884-1934) as well as the correspondence (1950-1980) of Camp's daughter, Janet Camp Troxell, concerning him are also included. Some 20,000 clippings (1866-1925) chart the development of American sports, particularly football, but also cover track, rowing, golf and others. Articles by and about Walter Camp written between 1883 and 1925 are part of the clipping collection.

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