Testimonies for the canonization of Antonio Marjil de Jesús, 1778.


Testimonies for the canonization of Antonio Marjil de Jesús, 1778.

Testimonies for the canonization of Antonio Marjil de Jesús, 1778.

Testimonies from San Antonio de Bexar, Texas and Zacatecas, Mexico concerning the missionary work and sanctity of Antonio Marjil de Jesús, a Franciscan candidate for beatification and canonization, gathered by Tomás Cortes and Simon de Foca Velasco. Witnesses include Cristobal de Cordoba, Maria Josefa Flores de Abrega, Maria Cantu, Antonio Montes, Pedro Fuentes, and Juan Tobar.

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Cortes, Tomás.

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Fuentes, Pedro Ignacio

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Flores de Abrega, Maria Josefa.

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Fray Mariano Payeras held the position of Padre Presidente of the California missions from July, 1815-April 1820. From the description of California missions report, 1820 Feb. 22. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 758678979 Franciscan describes all those men and women of the Franciscan first, second, and third (regular and secular) orders. Members of the first order include Friars Minor, Friars Minor Conventual, and Friars Minor Capuchin. All three br...

Marjil de Jesús, Antonio, 1657-1726

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Franciscan friar. Born 1657 in Valencia, Spain; died 1726 in the convent of San Francisco de México. Entered the Franciscan order in 1673; ordained to the priesthood in 1682; sent to the missions of the Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, in 1683. Instrumental in the founding of Spanish missions in Texas. From the guide to the Antonio Margil de Jesús Collection 29760675., 1698-1911, (Benson Latin American Collection, General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin) Franciscan fria...

Foca Velasco, Simon de.

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Cantù, M. C. (Maria Celeste)

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Tobar, Juan Carlos

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Cordoba, Cristobal de.

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