Hans Caspar Syz papers, 1911-1991 (inclusive).


Hans Caspar Syz papers, 1911-1991 (inclusive).

The papers consist of correspondence, reading notes, writings and research materials relating primarily to Hans C. Syz's career as secretary and president of the Lifwynn Foundation. The papers provide information on the formation and development of the Lifwynn Foundation, as well as research and writing by staff members and students. Syz's work as a psychiatrist in New York and Baltimore hospitals is also documented, as are his activities as a collector of 18th-century Western European porcelain.

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The Lifwynn Foundation for Laboratory Research in Analytic and Social Psychiatry was established in 1927 to provide an institutional setting for the pioneer group research originated by Trigant Burrow. Burrow established an experimental community to investigate the pathology of "normality," and the investigators were included as elements in the social fabric to be observed. In addition to Burrow, the Lifwynn Foundation founders included Hans Syz and Clarence Shields. From the descrip...

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Hans C. Syz was born on August 1, 1894 in Zürich, Switzerland. He completed medical training in Zürich, Munich and Geneva before coming to the United States in 1921 to do clinical work and research in physiological psychology at the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic at Johns Hopkins University. In 1923 he began to participate in the 'living laboratory' organized by Trigant Burrow. In 1927 he became secretary of the newly-founded Lifwynn Foundation for Laboratory Research in Analytic and Social P...

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