Gorostiza, Manuel Eduardo de, Papers, 1838


Gorostiza, Manuel Eduardo de, Papers, 1838

The Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza Papers, 1838, document regulation of the internal, financial business of the Republic of Mexico during Gorostiza's tenure as Secretary of the Treasury and include signed decrees and communiqué.

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Born in Vera Cruz, Mexico and educated in Madrid, Spain, Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza (1789-1851) was a dramatist and official in the Mexican government. Gorostiza entered the Spanish guard as a cadet in 1803 and left the service in 1814 at the rank of lieutenant colonel to devote his time to literary work. In 1823, he was banished to England, but returned to Mexico in 1833 where he was elected Deputy to the National Congress that same year. He went on to serve as Secretary of the Treasury in 183...

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