Letters to John Ives, 1771-1775.


Letters to John Ives, 1771-1775.

Letters to John Ives, 1771-1775.

A collection of ALS to and 1 ALS from, John Ives dated 1771-1775 reveals the close knit world of antiquarians in England at the beginning of the last quarter of the 18th century. The correspondents, include John White (10 ALS), John Granger (6 ALS), A.C. Ducarel (6 ALS), John Charles Brooke (2 ALS), James Hammond (2 ALS), William Boys (1 ALS), John Bowle (1 ALS), Edward Jacob (1 ALS), Edward Thomas (1 ALS), Benjamin Pouncy (1 ALS), William Gostling (1 ALS), Richard Bull (1 ALS), George Sandby (1 ALS), Augustine Mann (1 ALS), Richard Turner (1 ALS), John Darby (1 ALS), Joseph Strutt (1 ALS), and Richard Gough (1 ALS). The authors comment on each others' publications, buy and trade coins and seals, talk about shops and dealers in the trade, discuss other collectors and scholars engaged in similar research, discuss recent discoveries of antiquities, speculate on the dispersal of the collections of recently deceased collectors Mr. James West and Thomas Martin as well as discuss specific historical sites especially in the areas of, but not limited to, Kent, Surrey, and Yarmouth, including a Roman Tower near Maidstone, Canterbury, Monk Bretton Priory. Several of the letters discuss the details of negotiating with engravers and printers, Turner and Pouncey as well as William Norris, to produce accurate reproductions of the antiquities in their collections or for use in their publications. Augustine Mann writes of the history of the Cinque Ports and the Dover Straits. Hammond and Mann discuss searching the monastic archives at Nieuwport in Flanders. Many of the letters have been annotated by Ives to indicate the date that he responded and the gist of his response.

39 items (ca. 75 p.) ; 23-34 cm.

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