Letters to Thomas Barrett, 1772-1802.


Chamberlayne, George, 1739-1815. Letters to Thomas Barrett, 1772-1802.

Letters to Thomas Barrett, 1772-1802.

Collection of ALS, mounted on stock paper, spanning over thirty years from George Chamberlayne to his friend Thomas Barrett . The first three were written in the 1772 while the pair were on a grand tour in Italy and recount their lively adventures with Lord Lincoln and other British acquaintances in Naples, going to the opera, gossip about the perfomers, playing cards, adventures with dancing girls, etc. The second group of two letters date from the early 1780s after his conversion to Catholicism which possibly resulted in his move to a Catholic community in Douai from where one of the letters was written. He later settled in Cossey, near the country house of the staunchly Catholic family the Jerninghams. The final group of four letters were written from Queen Street in Mayfair 1801-1802 where he talks about his sisters Anne Kennicott and Charolotte Roberts, the prospects for European peace, the restoration of Catholicism in France, his pension, the help he is receiving from George Rose and his fear that Lord Walsingham will interfere if his Catholicism were known, the restoration of St. George's Chapel, and visits and letters from mutual acquaintances, Lady Hales, the Chevalier de Campion, Lord Middleton, Portrait prints, mounted on the versos, include: French composer Claude Le Jeune, Archbishop Joseph de Bergaigne, artist David Beck, philosopher Petrus Gassendus, painter, engraver and archaeologist Hendrik van der Borcht, the elder, Christen Schubi von Esclismath, Italian artist Andrea del Sarto, and Flemish painter Adriaen de Bie.

9 items (ca. 23 p.) ; 28 cm.

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