Palmer collection. 1884, 1888, 2007.


Colgrave, Patricia. Palmer collection. 1884, 1888, 2007.

Palmer collection. 1884, 1888, 2007.

Collection summary: The Palmer Collection consists of three letters and a 2007 printed copy of a World Wide Web page. The letters were sent to a "D.W. Palmer" and his wife, Fidelia. Two of the three letters are written to Fidelia by her sister, Patricia Colgrove. Patricia lives in Fayetteville, Tennessee and Fidelia's address is given as "River Raisin, Michigan." The first letter dates from 1884. The second is undated, but presumably originates from about the same time. In the letters, Patricia discusses health issues and the harvesting of crops. In the 1884 letter, she comments on the status of Southern blacks since the Civil War. In the undated letter, she references Midwestern "excursionists" who are touring Tennessee. The collection's final letter dates from 1889. It is addressed to D.W. Palmer in River Raisin, Michigan and authored by L. Whitney Watkins. At the time, Watkins was a freshman at Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) in East Lansing. The relationship between Watkins and Palmer is uncertain. Watkins addresses the letter "Dear Sir" and references a "long visit" in which Palmer provided advice on public speaking. Watkins also discusses his work at the College. He notes that he is working on "the experimental ground". He describes this as "a new department" that will "contain specimens of all the grass of Michigan." Finally, Watkins mentions that the M.A.C. President and faculty are having problems with some students. He states that several of these students "may be expelled for getting drunk at Lansing," A 2007 printed copy of a Michigan State University World Wide Web page provides some information on Watkins. The Web page, entitled "History of Cycling at MSU", includes an 1893 photo of Watkins and a man named Charles B. Coole. In the photo, Watkins and Coole are posing with bicycles. The Web page text identifies the two as early members of the M.A.C. Cycling Club.

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