Cate family papers, 1864-1978.


Cate family papers, 1864-1978.

Cate family papers, 1864-1978.

The Cate Family Papers consist of letters, photographs, sermons, notebooks, examples of student work from Japanese schools, postcards, printed programs and pamphlets, and Japanese ephemera from the families of (Isaac) Wallace Cate (1862-1908), his wife Ella Stimson Cate (1865-1938) and their children. Both Wallace and Ella Cate served as Universalist missionaries in Japan between 1890 and 1928 and the focus of the collection is on their lives and work from their courtship in the 1880s to their deaths in 1908 and 1938 respectively. Wallace Cate's letters include those he exchanged with Ella before their marriage as well as his correspondence with his friend L. Weston Attwood from 1902 to 1908 during the Cates' second assignment in Japan. Wallace Cate's professional obligations are documented in letters he received both as Superintendent of the Ohio Convention (Universalist) in1898 and 1899 and during his second assignment in Japan. Additionally, Wallace Cate's writing includes sermons, notebooks, and a textbook. Also included in the collection is Ella Stimson Cate's correspondence as well as university publications and examples of student work from her time teaching at Waseda University from 1908-1928. Ella Cate's own writing includes a notebook, note cards, essays, stories, ideas for projects and a diary for half her 1928 round the world tour. Also in the collection are documents related to Ella Cate's short-lived Oriental Store venture in Nashua, New Hampshire in 1928. Also included are various letters and postcards of the Cate children as well as photographs of Wallace and Ella Cate, their children, and other family members.

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