William Wordsworth manuscript material : 14 items, 1804-1846


William Wordsworth manuscript material : 14 items, 1804-1846

· To John Gardner, medical writer and practitioner : 1 autograph letter signed : 12 Mar 1832 : (MISC 0178) : from Rydal Mount : begins, "Mr. Quillinan has staid longer here than he intended, or your would have seen the Bearer of this, my Nephew, earlier." · To Abraham Hayward, essayist and translator : 1 autograph letter signed : 14 May 1833 : (MISC 0179) : from Rydal Mount : begins, "I have to thank you for your valuable present the translation of Faust ..." · To Walter Farquhar Hook, dean of Chichester : 1 autograph letter signed : "Tuesday morning" [1838] : (MISC 0174) : from 41 Upper Grosvenor Street : begins, "Last night I found your card, and truly sorry I am that I cannot return your obliging call ..." · To Dr. Howe, Ambleside : 1 autograph note third person : [no date] : (MISC 0156) : from Rydal Mount : saying he "will be glad to see Dr. & Mrs. Howe." · To Jane Anderson Merryweather, née Loy, poet, the "Authoress of the Hermit of Eskdaleside" : 1 autograph letter signed : 23 Sep 1833 : (MISC 3971) : from Rydal Mount : begins, "The present with which you have honored me was recd. a few days ago ..." Tipped into the Pforzheimer grangerized copy of Hazlitt's Spirit of the Age. Shelved with bound manuscript volumes under "Hazlitt." · To Basil Montagu, author and legal reformer : 1 autograph letter signed : 27 Dec 1812 : (MISC 0058) : from Ambleside : with news of the death of young Thomas Wordsworth : begins, "I have not been able to reply to your affectionate note I have been so anxious with respect to little Tom's health ..." · To Edward Moxon, publisher and poet : 1 autograph letter signed : [no date] : (MISC 0176) : [no place] : thanking him for a gift to his daughter and writing of his publications; includes, "I shall now proceed to correct the Excursion and the Poems regularly, and trust that the work will advance at a good pace..." · To Samuel Rogers, poet : 1 autograph letter signed : [3 Apr 1842] : (MISC 0175) : [no place] : begins, "I see no reason for changing my mind about sending the Reviews ..." · To Robert Southey, poet : 1 autograph letter signed : [late Dec 1821] : (B'ANA 0708) : [no place] : relating to Southey's quarrels with Lord Byron, including verses poking fun at Byron's Cain; begins, "The only part of the charge you are any way upon to notice is that of slander, as this is given with his name, we think it ought to be met." · To Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd, writer, judge and politician : 1 autograph letter signed : 16 Apr 1843 : (MISC 0180) : from Rydal Mount : begins, "Thanks for your little Vol. : which I have looked over with much pleasure ..." · To John Thelwall, political reformer and lecturer : 1 autograph letter signed : [mid-Jan 1804] : (MISC 0173) : [from Grasmere] : regarding the attacks made on Wordsworth by the periodicals of the day; begins, "I received your letter a few minutes ago, and as it will be utterly impossible for me, from the nature of my present engagements, to answer it minutely as you seem to wish, I cannot refuse myself, at least, the satisfaction of being as expeditious as may be." · To unidentified recipients : 3 letters : -- 1 autograph letter (fragment) signed : [?Sep 1826] : (MISC 0177) : begins, "I have no news from this Quarter, but that our trees are of foliage this year unusually luxuriant; so much so that many of the Dwellings of this neighbourhood seem packed in green leaves like precious trinkets in cotton ..." -- 1 autograph letter signed, addressed to "My dear Sir" : 18 Nov 1845 : (MISC 0181) : from Rydal Mount : begins, "I enclose a page which I will thank you to have bound up with the Vol. to be presented to Lady [?] ..." -- 1 autograph letter signed, addressed to "Sir" : 8 Jan 1846 : (MISC 0927) : from Rydal Mount : "You are quite at liberty to make such use of my Essay upon Epitaphs ..." Tipped into the Pforzheimer copy of the first edition of Coleridge's journal, The Friend. Shelved as *Pforz A-LU 03.

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