Babar et le père Noël [Multimédia multisupport].


Brunhoff, Jean de, 1899-1937. Babar et le père Noël [Multimédia multisupport].

Babar et le père Noël [Multimédia multisupport].

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Brunhoff, Jean ˜deœ 1899-1937 (person)

Jean de Brunhoff was born on 9 December 1899 in Paris. He was a painter in the Impressionist tradition until he began to create children's books. He wrote and illustrated a total of six story books about Babar, the King of the elephants, as well as The ABCs of Babar, before he died of tuberculosis on 16 October 1937 at the age of 37. From the description of Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant : collection of autograph manuscripts, illustrations, and plans for the published book, c...

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