Wendell Burnham Cook papers, 1966-1982.


Wendell Burnham Cook papers, 1966-1982.

Genealogies, notes and correspondence generated through personal and commissioned research, and activities in genealogical organizations. His personal research primarily deals with the descendants of Josiah Cook (d. 1732) of Eastham, Mass., including allied families. Prominent among the latter are Badlam, Gale, Pratt, Tolman, and Waymire families. Cook's records as a university level teacher of genealogical methods includes many of his administrative records such as his course proposal, the University's support, course descriptions, tests and evaluations.

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Cook, Wendell Burnham, 1932-1983.

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Wendell B. Cook (1932-1983) was a librarian at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His position enabled Cook to apply the library's resources to his genealogical interests, and to use them while teaching courses of genealogical research for the University. An enthusiastic genealogist, Cook became active in several organizations. He also did genealogical research on commission, as well as pursuing his own family line. From the description of Wendell Burnham Cook papers, 1966-1...

Cook, Josiah, d. 1732.

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