Alexandre Dumas correspondence, 1830-186?.


Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870. Alexandre Dumas correspondence, 1830-186?.

Alexandre Dumas correspondence, 1830-186?.

Collection consists of eight letters representing Dumas' personal, family, military, and theatrical lives. The first letter (Wed., July 25, 1866), full of family news from Dumas and his daughter Marie Alexandrine, is addressed to "Louis", in Lille. The second letter, undated, finds Dumas writing to "Monsieur le Baron" requesting a loan of 4,000 francs. The third letter (Nov. 21, 1830, 8pm), written after Dumas' participation in the July Revolution of 1830 as a member of the National Guard, details troop deployment in Paris for an unidentified General. The fourth letter (Jan. 3, 1848), to "Mon cher Pirentini", appears to concern the staging of a play. The fifth letter, undated, asks "Emile" about the Spanish translation of "La fille du [?]." The sixth letter, undated, requests extension of a 1,100 franc debt, while the seventh is an undated love letter to an unidentified woman. She has apparently asked Dumas to burn her letters to him, which he refuses to do, proclaiming his love for her. The eighth letter, undated, probably addressed to Franc̦ois Harel, concerns Dumas' re-writing of Jules Janin's play "La tour de Nesle."

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