Robert Beverley Herbert papers, 1879-2009.


Robert Beverley Herbert papers, 1879-2009.


Papers and letters, 1879-1974, consisting of general materials, personal correspondence, legal papers, original writings, published materials, and photographs; and volume of transcribed correspondence, 1959-1973, from RBH to relatives, compiled 2009. Personal correspondence is organized in chronological and topical units. General correspondence of interest includes items, ca. 1933, celebrating the end of Prohibition; 1918 letters concerning the American Protective League; a number of letters, beginning in 1923, concerning the Saint-Mémin portrait of John Carlyle Herbert which Herbert permanently loaned to the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Correspondents include William E. Gonzales, Roscoe Pound, Henry Breckinridge, S.C. Adjutant General James C. Dozier, Sen. Harry Flood Byrd, and others; letter, 4 Apr. 1941, from S.C. Chief Justice Milledge Lipscomb Bonham re Charles Lindbergh's support for the Axis powers in his infamous "Letter to America" published (29 Mar. 1941) in Collier's magazine. (Overnight, this essay transformed Lindbergh from national hero to pariah, and Bonham's indignation is indicative of the reaction to Lindbergh's pro-Axis sentiments.); letter, 25 Apr. 1941 to President Roosevelt and 21 May 1940 from Congressman H.P. Fulmer about Adolph Hitler. Additional family correspondence from RBH to his nephew, R.B. Herbert (1909-1996), and great-nephew, R.B. Herbert, Jr. (b.1943) filed in binder volume (84 letters, 1959-1973); edited transcribed copies of this later acquisition, published in 2009, in volume titled, "Letters from Uncle Beverley: Some Letters Written by Robert Beverley Herbert (1879-1974) of Columbia South Carolina," compiled and edited by Jennette Hartshorn Campbell Herbert Skinner; and Congressional Record, 23 Apr. 1974, containing memorial to RBH [these three volumes filed in Carton 11]. Topically arranged correspondence relates to: Civil Rights, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, the South Carolina Bar Association, and Woodside Farm. Civil Rights-related correspondence yields letters from Rebecca Reid and Osceola McKaine as well as a 19 Mar. 1945 message from Roger N. Baldwin, director of the American Civil Liberties Union. A number of the Civil Rights items were written or received by Herbert in his capacity as chairman of the South Carolina Committee on Interracial Cooperation. While running for governor in 1930, Beverley Herbert received repeated death threats from the Ku Klux Klan, the first of which is dated 31 May 1930, and there are letters regarding Herbert's investigation into the origin of these threats. Legal materials constitute the majority of the R. Beverley Herbert papers. These files cover much of his legal career and represent several hundred cases and client matters. Correspondents of note include U.S. Senator Christie Benet, S.C. Governor Richard I. Manning, S.C. Chief Justice Eugene B. Gary, U.S. Senator Olin D. Johnston, IRS Commissioner David Burnet, and Strom Thurmond. Of interest is Olin Johnston's protestation of the 1930 gubernatorial election and several letters (beginning 18 August 1942) concerning a World War II conscientious objector case. One large oversize folder from Legal (General Cases subseries), contains two $1,000 mortgage bond certificates for the Wilmington Manchester Railroad Company, as well as several items relating to a case called Jesup v. Wilmington Manchester Railroad Company (1871). [on-site Pob.3]

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