Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard. Records, 1934-1935.


Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard. Records, 1934-1935.

The Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard Bergel files contain materials related to a series of 1935 hearings held at Rutgers University. The charges stemmed from the dismissal of Professor Lienhard Bergel from the faculty of the New Jersey College for Women German Department. Bergel, an opponent of fascism, accused department chairman Friedrich Hauptmann of making his decision based on his pro-Nazi sentiment. After the American Civil Liberties Union became involved in Bergel's case, Rutgers President Robert C. Clothier created a five-member Special Trustees Committee to hear Bergel's claims and establish a final decision. The resulting hearings, which began on May 21, 1935 and lasted two months, ended in a decision in Hauptmann's favor.

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Rutgers University

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