Joe Gould letters to Edmund R. Brown [manuscript], 1934-1935.


Gould, Joe, 1889-1957. Joe Gould letters to Edmund R. Brown [manuscript], 1934-1935.

Joe Gould letters to Edmund R. Brown [manuscript], 1934-1935.

Goulds letters describe his efforts to find a publisher for his book ["History of the contemporary world"]. He describes Edmund O'Brien as "fuller of baloney" than usual who wants to sell him to the public as a William Saroyen. Gould also thanks the Browns for their hospitality, thinks he can get money from the Guggenheim Foundation, invites the Browns to his birthday party, mentions a debate with Maxwell Bodenheim and the amount of publicity he has received. He discusses "Oral History," the new literary form he has created which will "last as long as the English language" and will be cheered by Cummings and Pound. He asks Brown to arrange the typing of his manuscript, wants stamps, would be willing to give up half his royalties for advertising and claims that Allan Seager of "Vanity Fair" would publish portions. He mentions the wife of aviator Hubert Julian.

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