W. Lee Preschel papers, 1964-2001 and undated.


W. Lee Preschel papers, 1964-2001 and undated.

W. Lee Preschel founded JWT Venezuela in 1964 and served as President of JWT Latin America from 1980-1987. Preschel also acted as Interim Director-Manager of JWT Italy in 1968, served on the JWT Board of Directors beginning in 1980, and became the chairman of the Latin America-Asia Pacific region in 1987. He was named Advertising Personality of the Year in 1987 by the Venezuelan Federation of Advertising Agencies. Collection documents Preschel's career as president of the J. Walter Thompson Company's Latin American operations. Includes correspondence, memoranda, speeches, presentations, reports, clippings, photographs, conference programs and agendas, awards, publications, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials. Major correspondents include Denis Lanigan and Don Johnston, among others within the company. Clients mentioned include Ford, Kellogg's, Kodak, Draft, Lever, Pond's, Warner-Lambert, R.J. Reynolds/ Nabisco, Burger King, and Banco Mercantil y Corpoven. The collection contains materials in English and Spanish, with the majority of the materials in Spanish. The Personal Files Series documents the personal and professional achievements of Preschel, and provide secondary biographical information through a number of industry publications. The series also includes two scrapbooks, compiled by Preschel, documenting his dismissal from and subsequent return to JWT in 1987. The Administrative Files Series documents various aspects of Preschel's career with JWT and includes correspondence, memoranda, speeches, presentations, reports, clippings, photographs, conference programs and agendas, company newsletters and other publications, and memorabilia. The Audiovisual Materials Series includes audiocassettes and VHS videocassettes. Audiocassettes contain recordings of presentations at two conferences attended by Preschel. Large-format materials have been removed from their original series locations and relocated to Oversize Materials. Relocated items have been replaced in the Detailed Description of the Collection by dummy folders enclosed in brackets.

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