Political and antiquarian miscellany of Charles Fairfax [manuscript], ca. 1587-ca. 1627.


Political and antiquarian miscellany of Charles Fairfax [manuscript], ca. 1587-ca. 1627.

Collection of tracts, notes and observations, including: an account of Drake's Cadiz Voyage of 1587 subscribed "W:N:" (p. 481) and copied by one John Lewis ("Written according to the Coppie by me John Lewys the xxviith day of August 1587 ... being Sonday, between the howres of one and seaven in the afternoone..." p. 510); The Lord Keeper's letter to the Judges of Assizes delivered at York, 1622 (p. 251); Sir Robert Cotton's "The Danger wherein the Kingdom now standeth" (p. 271) and "A short view of the Reign of King Henry the Third" (p. 283); Sir Dudley Digges on the liberty of the subject (p. 312); "An Oration persuading a Limitation of the Succession to the French Queen" (p. 323); Tracts on Mary Stuart and the succession (p. 365); Sir Walter Raleigh's letter to the King (p. 429) and "A Dialogue Between a Councellor of State and A Justice of Peace" (p. 434); directions concerning preachers from both James I and Charles I (p. 256, p. 459); and other official documents. Also a range of antiquarian notes pertaining to the Aske (Collectanea de familia de Aske, & c, out of Mr Dodsworth's MSS. D & G & Ex Rot. Claus...), Fairfax, Villiers, Constable, and other Yorkshire families.

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Charles Fairfax (1597-1673) was an antiquarian, genealogist and compiler of the Analecta Fairfaxiana . He was born at Denton in Yorkshire, but spent most of his life at Menston, on his wife's estate. In 1646, his brother Ferdinando, second Lord Fairfax, appointed him steward of the courts of Ripon and he later served as a colonel of foot in Monck's army. Following Monck's march into Yorkshire, Fairfax became governor of Kingston-upon-Hull, but after a year he retired to Menston to pursue his ant...

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Title: King of Great Britain and Ireland British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001084.0x0001b0 John Bennett of Symondsbury, Dorset, yeoman, was the grandfather of John Every, the ward of the Prince of Wales. Barbara Every was the widow of John Every, deceased, and mother of John Every, ward of the Prince of Wales. From the description of Lease from Charles, Prince of Wales, to John Bennett of Symondsbury,...

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