1996 Library Accessions, 1759-1996.


Various. 1996 Library Accessions, 1759-1996.

1996 Library Accessions, 1759-1996.

Accessions include: real estate tax bills from city of Salem, MA to estate of Edward Barnard (1996.002); miscellaneous papers such as sermons, cargo manifests, correspondence (one written in the French language), and printed treatises authored by residents of Essex County, MA (1996.008); manuscript papers pertaining to Daniel A. Kilham, a manufacturer of wood and paper boxes, of Beverly, MA, which include journals and transcripts of recollections of life abroad sailing vessels (1996.010); financial statements, invoices, etc. of the Salem Witch Trials Tercentenary Committee (1996.011); papers of George Bowker and the Bowker Block, Salem, MA (1996.014); two diaries of a male member of the Miltimore family of Newbury, MA and a collection of papers, primarily financial, pertaiing to Byfield Parish, Essex County, MA (1996.026); manuscript correspondence of Edward Daland Lovejoy, photostats of notes concerning Daland/Lovejoy family heirlooms, including portraits of John Tucker Daland and his wife (1996.027); copy of a master's thesis entitled "Voluntary Exile: Public and Private Life in the Early Republic Massachusetts, Elite, 1770-1820" (1996.028); recipe book of Sarah M. Parker (1996.030); genealogical information about the Curwen family of Salem, MA, including births, deaths, and marriages (1996.031); journal of the ship surgeon for the HMS Chesapeake, entitled "History of the Wounds in Action in the Attack on the Peiho Forts (China), June 25, 1829" (1996.035); receipts and invoices pertaining to the William F. Cloon Hardware Store of Marblehead, MA (1996.044); transcriptions of "Whence the Bronze Vikings" and "Journal of a Trip Through Polynesia" and correspondence between Donald Marshall and Dr. Leslie Leighton (1996.053); two albums of handpainted Chinese paintings on silk (1996.055); and photograph album of Salem, MA plus framed photographs of various sites in Salem (1996.058).

15 accessions.

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Miltimore family.

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Marshall, Donald Stanley, 1919-2005

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America (Privateer)

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Parker, Sarah Jessica

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John Niles (1775-1812) was a Yale divinity student, preceptor at Hamilton Oneida Academy, pastor of Church of Christ in Bath, New York. From the description of John Niles biography, 1958. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 63534563 ...


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Leighton, Leslie.

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Chesapeake (Frigate)

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38-gun sailing frigate of the U.S. Navy; launched 2 Dec. 1799 by Gosport Navy Yard (Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Va.), and commissioned early in the following year, Capt. James Barron in command. From the description of Journal of the frigate Chesapeake, 1807 May 9-27. (Maine Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 183192798 ...

Brillant (Schooner)

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Curwen family.

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Coffins, Michah.

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William F. Cloon Hardware Store

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Lovejoy family.

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Kilham, Daniel, 1753-1841

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Bowker, Daniel (American painter, active 1830)

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Hudson, James.

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Salem Witch Trials Tercentenary Committee.

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Bowker (Manning) Block

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Bowker, George.

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George Bowker enlisted in the 89th Infantry Regiment, New York Volunteers, also known as the "Dickinson Guard", and is believed to have served as a private between the years of 1862 and 1863. From the description of George Bowker letters, 1862-1898. (SUNY Oswego). WorldCat record id: 29821340 ...

Crowninshield, B. B. 1867-1948.

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Barnard, Edward Sibley, 1936-

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Colonial agent in London. From the description of Letters [manuscript]. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225759846 ...

Cary, Thomas, Reverend.

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Daland family.

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Curwen, George Rea, 1823-

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Bowker family.

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Daland, John Tucker, 1795-1858

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Dickson, Walter.

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Lowenstein, Kate Elizabeth.

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