George Upfold papers, 1829-1870.


Upfold, George, 1796-1872. George Upfold papers, 1829-1870.

George Upfold papers, 1829-1870.

The collection consists of Upfold's colorful private correspondence with Maryland Bishop William Rollinson Whittingham, and letters of others about him. Subjects include the New York Protestant Episcopal Press, the New York Protestant Episcopal Tract Society, affairs of St. Luke's Church, New York City, and the Sunday School Union. More substantial materials concern Upfold's rectorship of Trinity Church, Pittsburgh, 1831; his travels in the middle west and description of church affairs there, 1840, including support for Bishop Jackson Kemper; his election as Bishop of Indiana and opposition thereto; troubles with Bishop Philander Chase; views concerning the trial of Bishop Benjamin T. Onderdonk and belief in his innocence; affairs of the Diocese of Indiana; descriptions of episcopal visitations; and many clergy matters, including references to John Martin, George Lamb Roberts, Ashbel Steele, and Horace Stringfellow, Jr. Upfold writes of wanting no "ultraism" among his clergy and deplores romanizing. He urges moderation and avoidance of controversy, but shows spirit in party strife. Much concerns Upfold's relations with other bishops and vigorous opinions about them, especially George W. Doane, William Meade, Levi S. Ives, Charles P. McIlvaine, Henry J. Whitehouse, and Joseph C. Talbot. He describes his tastes in architecture and projects for building churches. Collection contains frequent references to affairs of the General Theological Seminary, New York City, and Nashotah House, Wisconsin. Four letters of 1861 concern the Civil War, the state of the nation, and problems of the Episcopal Church. Among other points are condemnation of Bishop Leonidas Polk's military service for the Confederacy; fast days in Indiana; prayers to be used there; praise for Bishop Whittingham's Unionist stand in Maryland; funding of missionaries for Alabama; the need for moderation in dealing with the South; and hope for reunion of the Episcopal Churches in North and South after the war. Also includes references to family affairs and the bishop's declining years.

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Protestant Episcopal Tract Society (corporateBody)

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In 1982, the General Convention of the Church deleted the words "Protestant" and "in the United States of America" from the official title of the Church, making it the Episcopal Church. From the description of Records of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, 1823-1975 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702152635 ...

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Bishop of the Missionary District of Missouri and Indiana and of the territory later forming Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnensota, Nebraska and Kansas, with visitations to other parts of the west and southwest and Bishop of Wisconsin. From the description of Jackson Kemper papers, 1811-1878. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 658860832 Episcopal bishop. From the description of Letter of Jackson Kemper, 1841. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79423776 ...

Onderdonk, Benjamin T. (Benjamin Tredwell), 1791-1861 (person)

Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of New York. From the description of Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk papers, 1811-1869. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 662600715 Fourth Protestant Episcopal Bishop of New York, consecrated Nov. 26, 1830, later suspended from his office as bishop following his 1844 trial in a court of bishops upon charges of "immorality and indecency." Born and died in New York City. From the description of Benjamin T. Onderdonk papers, 1827-1843, n.d. ...

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St. Luke's Church (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

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The present-day Trinity Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was built on land donated by William Penn in 1787. The first building was constructed at Sixth and Liberty Avenues in 1805. A second church was built in 1824 and razed in 1869 to make room for the current structure which was dedicated in 1872. Trinity Church became Trinity Cathedral, seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, in 1928. From the description of Records transcript of Trinity Church, 1797-1867. (University of P...

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