Oral history interviews of the Lama Foundation Oral History Project, 1970-2009, bulk 2005-2009.


Oral history interviews of the Lama Foundation Oral History Project, 1970-2009, bulk 2005-2009.

This collection contains oral history interviews documenting the history of the Lama Foundation. Ammi Kohn conducted the bulk of these interviews between 2005-2009. He interviewed the founders, "coordinators" who oversaw Lama's operations for a year at a time, and average "residents." The collection contains transcripts of all the interviews and audio for interviews with founders Jonathan Altman and Asha Greer as well as Hans Von Briesen. A few of the interviews in the collection were conducted by Linda Hansen for her thesis, Where have all the utopias gone?: ritual, solidarity, and longevity in a multi-faith commune in New Mexico. In addition to the oral histories, the collection also contains the manuscript From Bindu to Ojas from 1970 and the published version, Be here now. Lastly, there are 3 posters of spiritual leaders. The collection's value lies in Lama being one of a few collectives from the 1960s still in operation today.

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In 1967, Steve Durkee (who goes by Sh. Nooruddeen), Barbara Durkee (who goes by Asha Greer) and Jonathan Altman founded the Lama Foundation. Jonathan purchased 100 acres of land adjacent to Carson National Forest in San Cristobal, New Mexico to build the Lama community. They established a spiritual community, "dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, spiritual practice with respect for all traditions, service, and stewardship of the land." At the time of its foundation, Lama was one of appro...