A family sketch. [after 1897 May 8]


Twain, Mark, 1835-1910. A family sketch.

A family sketch. [after 1897 May 8]

Autograph manuscript memoir of Samuel L. Clemens's (Mark Twain's) family and his own boyhood days. Written shortly after the death of his eldest daughter, Olivia Susan ("Susy") Clemens (1872-1896), the sketch begins as a tribute to his late daughter and devolves into a narrative that encompasses the whole of Clemens's family and friends as well as intimate glimpses of incidents from his own childhood. Clemens also describes some of the household servants, including George Griffin, the "colored man" who did the handiwork, a coachman, and several of the children's wet-nurses. He also mentions many friends and visitors to the Hartford, Conn., house, including James T. Fields, William Dean Howells, Rudyard Kipling, and Charles Kingsley. The manuscript concludes with a three-page description of Aunty Cord, a former slave who worked as a cook at Quarry Farm. Numerous emendations and expurgations throughout.

61 leaves ; 229 x 146 mm.

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