Henry Nelson Wieman papers, 1910-1994 (bulk 1910-1975).


Wieman, Henry Nelson, 1884-1975. Henry Nelson Wieman papers, 1910-1994 (bulk 1910-1975).

Henry Nelson Wieman papers, 1910-1994 (bulk 1910-1975).

The Henry Nelson Wieman papers, spanning from 1910-1994, include correspondence to and from Dr. Wieman concerning his philosophical and theological ideas as well as personal matters. Besides correspondence, the papers contain teaching materials, theses, dissertations and work done by Dr. Wieman's students as well as publications, manuscripts, sermons, and lectures by Dr. Wieman and by others. Along with the written versions of his sermons, lectures and speeches are some audio recordings of these. Included in the biographical series of this collection are materials pertaining to Dr. Wieman's education, his personal memberships, journals, photographs, certificates and awards. The Henry Nelson Wieman papers also include correspondence and audio materials from conferences and other events occurring after his death and in his honor or pertaining to his ideas. Finally, these papers incorporate Dr. Wieman's collection of printed materials including reprints, journals, and books. This collection features a letter to Dr. Wieman from Martin Luther King Jr. written on August 5, 1953. Some other correspondents include Paul Tillich, William Ernest Hocking, John Dewey, Charles Hartshorne, and Alfred North Whitehead.

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