Records of Brookfield, Vermont proprietors' meetings and early land sales conducted through Phineas Lyman, 1781-1792.


Records of Brookfield, Vermont proprietors' meetings and early land sales conducted through Phineas Lyman, 1781-1792.

Records of Brookfield, Vermont proprietors' meetings and early land sales conducted through Phineas Lyman, 1781-1792.

The collection contains an agenda of a Sept. 6th 1785 proprietors' meeting denoting the Prudential Committee members as Nathaniel Humprhey, John Lyman, and Caleb Martin. Also an advertisment notifies the town of the next proprietors' meeting on June 24th after their last meeting on November 12th from the proprietary clerk, Moses Hubbard. A small slip of paper records the "sum of the cost of building the mill at Brookfield £66.14.4." There is also part of a deed for a tract of land in Wickham, which was New York's patent for the area of Randolph, Brookfield, and Braintree. A note from Joseph Lathrop signifies the transfer of his land in Brookfield, VT to Phinehas Lyman dated June 1784. Three small squares of paper relatoing to land sales mention Phinehas Lyman, Humphrey, and Wakefield. Another piece lists various proprietors followed by the number, range, and division of land they were allotted. Mindwell Marsh of Hadley, MA sold a plot of land to Phinehas Lyman as recorded on two thirds of an undated land deed. In a land deed dated February 19th, 1782, Joseph Hawley and Samuel Clarke sold a tract of land in Brookfield, VT to Phineas Lyman. On August 28th, 1782 Lucretia Colt accounts for the nine original plots of land now belonging to her. They were originally owned by Elisha Porter, two plots from Moses Hubbard, Edmund Hubbard, Oliver Smith, Stephen Goodman, Benjamin Colt (Jr.), Daniel Colt, and one originally deeded to Benjamin Colt, Lucretia's husband, but now belonging to her after his death. A receipt from Gov. Thomas Chittenden to Phinehas Lyman acknowledges the fees for thirty-five rights in Brookfield, VT. Also included are minutes from a proprietors' meeting on February 19th, 1783 and a partial account of the minutes from the June 11th, 1783 meeting. There is also a note dated October 21st, 1783 about land near the pond and it asks Shubael Cross to pay Moses Hubbard for his services as chairman of the proprietors. A land deed denoting a purchase in Brookfield, VT made by Mindwell Marsh is dated June 10th, 1784. In a note dated June 15th, 1783, Moses Hubbard asks John Paine for a discount on the tax on Rev. Samuel Hopkins' tract of land. A receipt recording Phinehas Lyman's payment to Edmund Ames for the building of a sawmill dates from January 8th, 1784. A statement dated February 21st, 1783 hiring Obadiah Dickinson as their attorney was signed by several early proprietors, including John Chester Williams, John Smith, Obadiah Dickinson, Elisha Allis Jr., Elihu Dickinson, and Elijah Dickinson. Also included is a receipt dated March 26th, 1785 for land tax paid by Phinehas Lyman to Paul Brigham. A land deed acts as a reciept for a hundred acre lot that Phinehas Lyman bought from Paul Spooner on April 18th, 1785. There is also a note on this piece recording that Paul Spooner still has a hundred acres of land in Brookfield, VT. A letter about taxes on land is addressed to Mrs. Lyman and Hubbard from Samuel Hopkins and dated June 10th, 1784. John Chester Williams signed away his vote to Phinheas Lyman in any business at future proprietor's meetings from Oct. 1785 on. A tax receipt acknowleges payment by Phinehas Lyman to Jonathan Paine on October 27th, 1784. Edmund Ames was paid taxes by Phinheas Lyman on October 28th, 1784. Another tax receipt records payment to Paul Brigham by Phinehas Lyman dated November 10th, 1785. Proprietors' meeting minutes from November 30th, 1785. Jonathan Paine presided over two land purchases in Brookfield, VT made by Elisha Burton from Timothy Lyman and Joseph Hawley on February 8th, 1786. An expense report for traveling to Charlestown, NH dates from June 1st, 1786. A promise from John Paine to Phinehas Lyman to not advertise several proprietors' lots was written on July 1st, 1786. Williams Lewis bought tracts of land from Nathaniel Brush and Samuel Cook as recorded in two separate transactions dated February 8th, 1786. Two tax receipts from John Paine for taxes received from Noah Paine are dated October 18th, 1780. Noah Paine wrote up a land deed certifying John Paine's purchase of Samuel Clark's land in Brookfield, VT on October 10th, 1786. A memorandum dated March 18th, 1787 notes lands that had not been redeemed. Phinehas Lyman paid taxes to Elisha Burton for land in Brookfield, VT on May 10th, 1787. On January 12th 1788, Phinehas Lyman bought land from Elisha Burton in Brookfield, VT. Jonathan Pierce bought several tracts of land in Brookfield, VT from Stephen Bigelow which originally belonged to other proprietors on February 1st, 1788. A land deed records the sale of land by Moses Hubbard and Nathaniel Cushman to Phinehas Lyman on June 17th, 1788. Elisha Burton bought a tract of land from William Lewis on December 31st, 1788. An undated memorandum by Elisha Burton notes money received by Mr. Davison dealing with land deeded to Samuel Clarke but then belonging to Phinehas Lyman. Phinehas Lyman purchased lots owned by Samuel Clarke and Samuel Cook on June 10th, 1791. A receipt for lots of land was written by Paul Brigham on January 4th, 1791. Land purchased by Timothy Lyman is recorded in a transaction dated September 22nd, 1792.

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