Articles and letters by Lord Northcliffe [manuscript], 1914-1918.


Northcliffe, Alfred Harmsworth, Viscount, 1865-1922. Articles and letters by Lord Northcliffe [manuscript], 1914-1918.

Articles and letters by Lord Northcliffe [manuscript], 1914-1918.

In an article, 1914 November 13, probably sent to Will Orton Tewson, Northcliffe predicts that the course of the war will last much longer than the "experts" conclude. Although the Germans have retreated, seige warfare could go on indefinitely and the Germans can last much longer commercially. England's situation is comparable to that of the North in the American Civil War with lack of preparation and subsequent raising of a huge army. Ends with praise for Admiral ["Jackie"] Fisher and thanks for generosity of the Americans. In an article for the "New York American" symposium, 1915 January, Northcliffe evaluates the progress of World War I, based on observations in Flanders the previous week. It is his "humble opinion that the German Army has about as much chance of getting to Calais as it has of getting to Chicago." He finds that "the war is only beginning" and that the "German soldiers who began by speaking of [our boys] as 'a contemptible little army' are finding that the quicker witted Anglo-Saxon, with his initiative and with his good physical training gained on the football field is more than a match individually for the heavy, imitative Teuton." He closes by "wondering what will happen in Germany when the Government there permits the truth to leak out." With this article is a covering letter, 1915 January 28, from H.G. Price of the "Daily Mail" to Will Orton Tewson. In a letter to Tewson, 1919 May 24, Northcliffe writes briefly that every "means of linking the British Commonwealth and the great Republic deserves the suppoet of all people of vision."

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