Papers of William Conway Whittle [manuscript] 1753-1871.


Whittle, William C., 1805-1878. Papers of William Conway Whittle [manuscript] 1753-1871.

Papers of William Conway Whittle [manuscript] 1753-1871.

Journal, 1753-1856, kept by Whittle first on board U. S. Brig. Spark, 1823 June 26-Oct. 15, during a West Indies cruise, and telling of hunting of Pirates. At end, record, 1753-1827, of children of Whittle's parents, Fortescue Whittle and Mary Ann Davies Whittle, written 1854 Jan. 1-1856 Dec. 5, by the latter. Journal, 1829 Sept. 4-1831 June 30, kept by Whittle on U. S. Ships Ontario, Constellation (Frigate), Java, consisting of copies of letters home containing little but descriptions of Mediterranean cities visited. Journal, 1836 Aug. 30-1864 Feb. 10, of Conway Davies Whittle containing notes and quotations, and occasional personal or family entries. Journal, 1850 June-1857 July 19, William Conway Whittle's religious reflections. Inverted and reversed, the watch bill of the U. S. Brig Spark. Trade and arbitration treaty, 1854 Mar. 20, between Sochray Moosa, sub-chief of Debruka River, Isles de Los [French Guiana] and [Commander William Conway Whittle]. Drawing, 1855 Aug., of the Dale (U. S. S.) commanded by William Conway Whittle. Journal, 1857 Aug.-1858 Aug. 4, kept by William Conway Whittle as Capt. of the United States (U. S. S.), stationed at Norfolk, Va., where Whittle lived ashore. Concerns his dead wife, Elizabeth Beverley Sinclair Whittle and his 11 children, including Beverley Kennon Whittle and Stafford Gorman Whittle. Also concerns naval affairs, his financial difficulties, and his purchase and move to a home later called "Anchorage", Buchanan, Botetourt Co., Va. Mentioned also [p. 68, 69] is his acquaintance with Nathaniel Hawthorne and [p. 303] ex-President Franklin Pierce. Journal, 1866 May 7-1871 Aug. 11, of William Conway Whittle, kept at "Anchorage", of reflections on his reading, diary entries, and copies of many letters, both his own and others, including the Civil War letters of his son, Beverley Kennon Whittle, who served in the Virginia Cavalry, 2d Regt., 1861-1865, and his son, William Conway Whittle who served on the C.S.S. Nashville. Miscellaneous vols., 1874-90, and [n.d.]; 2 v. of prayers, one printed and the other manuscript; a book of recipes; and a leather pocketbook. Henry Clay and Daniel Webster are correspondents.

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