Letter and portraits [manuscript], n.d.


Letter and portraits [manuscript], n.d.

In a letter to Samuel G. Goodrich, ca. 1837, Hale explains that she has "just sent the poem to my publisher for the mag. I have recalled it and return it to you - but I think the 'Amulet' the best. However you may insert the one which is most convenient." With the letter are are three pictures of Sarah Hale, an engraving and two magazine prints.

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Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 1788-1879

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Sarah Josepha Hale, née Sarah Josepha Buell, (born Oct. 24, 1788, Newport, N.H., U.S.—died April 30, 1879, Philadelphia, Pa.), American writer who, as the first female editor of a magazine, shaped many of the attitudes and thoughts of women of her period. Sarah Josepha Buell married David Hale in 1813, and with him she had five children. Left in financial straits by her husband’s death in 1822, she embarked on a literary career. Her poems were printed over the signature Cornelia in local journal...

Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860

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Samuel Griswold Goodrich (1793-1860) wrote a popular and widely imitated series of educational works for children under the pen name of Peter Parley. His intent was to provide an alternative to the British biases of 19th-century schoolroom texts and the questionable morals of nursery rhymes. He also created two children's magazines, Merry's Museum and Parley's Magazine, as well as an annual gift book, The Token. Goodrich served in the Massachusetts legislature in 1837 and held the post of U.S. c...