Papers of the Key, Cutts, and Turner families [manuscript], 1808-1859.


Breckinridge, Jefferson,. Papers of the Key, Cutts, and Turner families [manuscript], 1808-1859.

Papers of the Key, Cutts, and Turner families [manuscript], 1808-1859.

In a series of pious letters, Francis Scott Key gives his daughter, Ann Arnold Key Turner, religious advice and sends her home news. There are some poems by Key including "Celebration hymn." The papers also include many letters to Ann Arnold Key Turner from her husband, Daniel Turner, and a letter from her to Jefferson Breckinridge explaining that her father was not an abolitionist. In another letter of interest Charles Howard describes the public mourning after the death of Francis Scott Key. Of special interest are a series of letters from Richard Cutts to his father Thomas Cutts describing the Embargo, the War of 1812, and the peace negotiations. The collection also includes Key and Turner family genealogies, a commonplace book of Ellen Lloyd Key and The life of O Possum, a children's story by Daniel Murray Key, whose death in a duel is mentioned in several letters and clippings. Correspondents include Stephen Decatur, John Young Mason, and Richard Rush.

1 reel microfilm: positive; 35mm.

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