Papers of John Muir [manuscript], 1885-1915.


Muir, John, 1838-1914. Papers of John Muir [manuscript], 1885-1915.

Papers of John Muir [manuscript], 1885-1915.

The papers are comprised chiefly of letters to Alfred Harrold Sellers, Fay Hancock Sellers, and Frank Sellers. Subjects include William Keith's paintings, Fay Seller's photographic portraits of Muir, the Muir family's health and activities, the Jeannie Carr letters, his literary activities in connection with "Mountains of California," "Stickeen," "Our National Parks," and "Glacier Bay," his global travels, especially to Russia, Canada, forests and national parks in the U.S., and the Harriman Alaska Expedition. The papers also contain correspondence with Robert Underwood Johnson discussing Muir's relationship with the editors of the "Atlantic Monthly," Gifford Pinchot's and Charles Sprague Sargent's views on the administration of National Forest lands, the Sunday Civil Bill, the Yosemite Park bill, and the Hetch Hetchy Dam controversy. There are also four photographs which include John Burroughs, Charles Fletcher Lummis, John Muir, Alfred Harrold Sellers and Fay Hancock Sellers; and four newsclippings.

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