Papers, 1816-1980 bulk 1893-1963, of von Selzam and his wife Anita Ravenscroft Henry von Selzam [manuscript].


Papers, 1816-1980 bulk 1893-1963, of von Selzam and his wife Anita Ravenscroft Henry von Selzam [manuscript].

The collection contains the correspondence of the von Selzams with family, friends, and colleagues from posts in the United States, 1925-1928; Berlin, 1928-1931; Calcutta, 1931-1937; London, 1937-1939; the Hague, 1939-1940; and Berne, 1940-1942; Worth, Lake Staffelsee, southern Bavaria where they ran a truck garden, 1944-1948; and Oconomowoc, Wi., where they eventually settled. Chief topics include experiences in World Wars I and II including the bombing of the Hague, and recall to Germany under Gestapo suspicion; von Selzam's resistance work within the diplomatic corps particularly efforts to warn the British of Nazi plans; life in post-war Germany; efforts to clear his name of Nazi charges; and emigration and resettlement in the United States. Other groups of letters concern von Selzam's work to disprove charges against Ernst von Weizaecker, and Theo and Ernst Kordt; attempts to visit and arrange medical attention for their children in Switzerland; and service as an intermediary between a friend in occupied Guernsey and her family in England. Of interest are letters written on von Selzam's behalf by people whom he aided or who knew of his resistance particularly Sir Hastings Lionel Ismay and General Sir Malcolm Grahame Christie. Von Selzam's reports to the German Foreign Office re the English political and economic situation, 1939-1940, are the only official diplomatic papers included. The collection also contains considerable genealogical work on Mrs. von Selzam's family including the related Adlum, Barber, Brockenbrough and Henry families; von Selzam's memoirs of World War I imprisonment in Siberia; speeches on his resistance work; letters to the editor; reminiscences of Anita von Selzam by a friend; an inventory of property lost in the London blitz; and two handbills issued by the authority of Joseph Goebbels. Also army service papers, photographs, memorabilia, and clippings. Among the correspondents are Allen Dulles, Joseph C. Grew, Cordell Hull, Joseph P. Kennedy, George Frost Kennan, Henry Cabot Lodge, Sir Roger M. Makins, Vincent Massey, J. Herman van Roijen, Sir Robert Gilbert Vansittart, and Jerauld Wright.

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National Socialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. (corporateBody)

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Selzam, Anita Ravenscroft Henry von, 1898-1963 (person)