Papers of Sidney Lanier, [manuscript], 1867-1895.


Lanier, Sidney, 1842-1881. Papers of Sidney Lanier, [manuscript], 1867-1895.

Papers of Sidney Lanier, [manuscript], 1867-1895.

The papers contain the autograph manuscripts for the poems "Clover," "A Florida ghost," "Solace" (published as "A song of eternity in time"), and "The stirrup-cup"; nine letters from Sidney Lanier re his writing, particularly a paper about Bartholomew Griffin entitled "A forgotten English poet" which he sent to the "International Review" through A. S. Barnes and Co. Also his poem "Betrayal" from "The jacquerie," "Sunset" which was published in "Lippincott's Magazine" and set to music by Dudley Buck, a poem published in "Scribner's Monthly," and the poem "Clover" a protest against "art for art's sake"; paintings by John Robinson Tait in an exhibition; Gibson Peacock and the hospitality of his wife; a description of "Rockingham Springs," Virginia and its environs; and his train trip from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Also his illness with pleurodyraia; his opinion of the wood-engraving in "Portfolio of proof impressions" produced by Charles Scribner and sons'; his opposition to "art for art's sake"; his philosophy of the way poets should approach their work; and his interest in young artists. Six letters from Mary Day Lanier discuss her efforts to supply Lanier's signature and works for publication, particularly "Strange jokes"; the unfinished "How to read Chaucer"; "Little Ella. A beautiful ballad," a song published by Mattie Montgomery without Lanier's knowledge; Lanier's genius; an analysis of his handwriting; and her desire to make some amendments to William Elliot Griffis's copy of "The English novel." Also the "Reminiscences of Sidney Lanier" by Alfred Allen; her health and travels for health; the death of her father Charles Day; her friend, John McIntosh Kell, who served with Commodore Matthew Perry on the expedition to Japan; and a Christmas quatrain by John Bannister Tabb. Correspondents include John Eliot Bowen, William Elliot Griffis, George Baugh Heckel, John McDowell Leavitt [?], Henry Paret, Mariquita da G.A. de la Liguniere Peacock, editors of "Scribner's Monthly," Charles Scribner and Sons, John Banister Tabb, and John Robinson Tait.

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Allen, Alfred, 1866-1947. (person)

Lanier, Sidney, 1842-1881 (person)

Sidney Lanier was a noted Southern poet and composer, born in Macon, Georgia, on Feb. 3, 1842. He graduated from Oglethorpe University and voluntarily fought for the Confederacy as a member of the 2nd Battalion Infantry (Georgia), and the Signal Corps. It is likely that Lanier contracted tuberculosis during his stay at at Union prison camp, and the complications from that disease would affect Lanier his entire life. After the war, Lanier worked as a tutor and headmaster at an academy in Alabama ...

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Mary Day Lanier (ca. 1844-1931) was a native of Macon, Georgia. She and Sidney Lanier, the poet and musician, were married there in December 1867. Long after his death she edited The Poems of Sidney Lanier (N.Y.: Scribner, 1903). From the description of Mary Day Lanier papers, 1889-1904. (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 86108095 Mary Day Lanier was a poet and the wife of Sidney Lanier, a 19th century Georgia author. They were both born in Macon, Georgia and ...

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