Letters: from Eugene O'Neill, 1920-1945 [manuscript].


Letters: from Eugene O'Neill, 1920-1945 [manuscript].

Collection contains letters from O'Neill on various topics including his dues to the Society of American Dramatists and Composers, a photograph of his father in the role of Christ in "The passion," the sale of some property and a thank you to Judith Ish-Kishor for a supportive letter. Of interest are a letter, 1938 January 8, to Clifton Fadiman declining an invitation to contribute to the second series of "Living philosophies"; and a letter, 1938 March 4, to L. W. Worcester answering questions re the publication of his plays and referring to the first collection, "Thirst." Also included is a letter, 1945 May 17, to E. J. Halter in which O'Neill states that "The great god Brown" is his favorite play but "Mourning becomes Electra" is his best. O'Neill recommends the latter as a collector's item.

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