Papers of J. Carson Adkerson [manuscript], 1913-1981.


Adkerson, J. Carson (Joseph Carson), 1892-. Papers of J. Carson Adkerson [manuscript], 1913-1981.

Papers of J. Carson Adkerson [manuscript], 1913-1981.

Include correspondence, financial and legal papers, reports, press releases, and photographs. Correspondence is chiefly with various manganese mining company officials re: legislation affecting the industry particularly the 1939 Strategic Materials Act and the Manganese War Claims Bill (amendment to the Contract Settlement Act of 1944); property development; mining and production problems; increased wartime production; and conflict with steel producers over foreign manganese purchases. There are financial and legal papers from manganese companies, in many of which Adkerson had an interest. The collection also contains minutes, 1927-1930, and some correspondence of the American Manganese Producers Association, maps, surveys, newsclippings, press releases, miscellaneous articles and reports, manganese property reports, photographs, biographical and astrological material on Adkerson, and correspondence, legal papers, and other data re: the railplane system, an overhead transportation system in which Adkerson was interested. Correspondents, many of whom are represented by single routine letters re: the War Claims Bill, include Harry F. Byrd, Gordon Canfield, Clifford P. Case, Fadjo Cravens, George H. Dern, Everett Dirksen, Carter Glass, William Green, H.D. Hatfield, Thomas C. Hennings, Jesse H. Jones, W.F. Maginnis, Edward Martin, Wilbur D. Mills, James E. Murray, W. Lee O'Daniels, Tom Pickett, A. Willis Robertson, Daniel C. Roper, Edward R. Stettinius, and Lowell Stockman.

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Robertson, A. Willis (Absalom Willis), 1887-1971 (person)

U.S. Senator from Virginia. From the description of Letter to Dr. Harry J. Warthen, Jr., 1956 January 2. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32959530 Robertson was a senator from Virginia (1946-1966). His son, Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson, is an alumnus of Washington and Lee University, Class of 1950 and a well-known minister and televangelist in Virginia. From the description of Family photographs, ca. 1930-1940. (Washington & Lee University). Wor...

Stettinius, Edward R., Jr. (Edward Reilly), 1900-1949 (person)

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Mills, Wilbur D. (Wilbur Daigh), 1909- (person)

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American Manganese Producers Association (corporateBody)

Roper, Daniel C. (Daniel Calhoun), 1867-1943 (person)

Attorney, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1917-1920, and Secretary of Commerce, 1933-1938. From the description of Papers, 1860-1958 and n.d. (bulk 1933-1938). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 20122068 Attorney, commissioner of internal revenue, 1917-1920, and secretary of commerce, 1933-1938. From the description of Papers, 1898-1941 ; (bulk 1928-1938). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 86148078 ...

Adkerson, J. Carson (Joseph Carson), 1892- (person)

Mining engineer, Woodstock, Va.; President, American Manganese Producers' Association. From the description of Papers of J. Carson Adkerson [manuscript], 1927-1976. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647872766 Mining engineer, Woodstock, Va.; President, American Manganese Producers Association. From the description of Papers of J. Carson Adkerson [manuscript], 1913-1981. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647808031 ...

Pickett, Tom (Thomas Augustus), 1906- (person)

Murray, James E. (person)

United States Steel Corporation (corporateBody)

American Steel & Wire Co., descendant from Washburn & Moen, acquired by U.S. Steel in 1901 and became its American Steel & Wire Division; employed 4000 workers during 1940s; facilities expansion at South Works plant in 1957-1958; ceased operations in Worcester in 1977. From the description of United States Steel Corporation photograph collection, 1940-1970 (bulk 1957-1958). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70965884 On June 30, 1960, U.S. Steel Corporat...

O'Daniel, W. Lee (Wilbert Lee), 1890-1969 (person)

Politician and businessman Wilbert Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel (1890-1969) was born in Malta, Ohio, one of two children of William Barnes and Alice Ann (Thompson) O’Daniel. Following his father’s death, shortly after O’Daniel’s birth, his mother remarried and moved the family to Reno County, Kansas. A 1908 graduate of Salt City Business College, O’Daniel became a stenographer and bookkeeper for a flour milling company. In 1917, he married Merle Estella Butcher, with whom he had three child...

Canfield, Gordon, 1898-1972 (person)

Dern, George H. (person)

Fagabagon Company. (corporateBody)

Stockman, Lowell, 1901-1962, (person)

E.J. Lavino & Company. (corporateBody)

Martin, Edward, 1879-1967 (person)

Edward Martin was a Governor and U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. From the description of Edward Martin papers. [archival material]. 1947-1958. (bulk 1957-1958). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 83499536 ...

Byrd, Harry F. (Harry Flood), 1887-1966 (person)

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