Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen series 1. Executive officers' files, 1881-1968.


Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen series 1. Executive officers' files, 1881-1968.

Primarily committee minutes and papers (largely correspondence) of ORC presidents and other union officials. Include Order of Railway Conductors (ORC) and Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen (ORC & B) Executive Committee minutes for Districts 1, 2, and 3 (1951-1963). These include hearings of the National Mediation Board on wages; minutes of meetings of District No. 1 Western Association of General Committees (1958); minutes of meetings of the Association of General Chairmen (1962) and minutes of general meetings (1961); Grand Lodge Executive Committee minutes (1961, 1962); minutes of meetings with the secretary of labor (1962); and Executive Committee minutes regarding U.S. Emergency Board No. 154 (1963). Also included is a ledger book of benevolent funds of ORC, Terminal City, Division 267 (1890-1967) and miscellaneous correspondence and materials of the following ORC and ORC & B presidents: C.S. Wheaton, E.E. Clark, Austin B. Garretson, James A. Phillips, Harry W. Fraser, Roy O. Hughes, Louis J. Wagner, and J.A. Paddock. C.S. Wheaton materials (1880-1890) include letters to Wheaton from local officers and Grand Secretary Daniels on situations in various locals; ms. agreement between the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE) and ORC with the Railroad Commission (1887); and ORC circular letters regarding the goal of strike avoidance and urging readers not to join the United Trainmen's Association, among other letters. E.E. Clark materials (1890-1906) include a pledge of mutual aid between BLE and ORC (1890-1893); correspondence of Eugene V. Debs (grand secretary-treasurer, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen (BLF) (1891-1892) regarding exclusion of Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (BRT) from a railroad federation "Supreme Council" that ORC was asked to join along with the BLF and Switchmen's Union of North America (SUNA); a letter (1897) from the secretary-treasurer of the Grievance Committee of the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad regarding local trouble; federation agreement between ORC, BLF, BRT, and SUNA; correspondence (1895-1898) between Clark and F.S. Rawlins (superintendent of telegraphers for St. Louis S.W. Railroad) and W.J. Wright (ORC, secretary-treasurer) regarding a telegraphers' dispute and the resultant contract annulment; Clark and E.A. "Ned" Moseley (secretary, Interstate Commerce Commission) (1898) discussing labor legislation presented in Congress; Clark with Attorney General Philander Chase Knox (1903) and Acting Attorney General J.K. Richard regarding defective safety appliances and the Safety Appliance Act; and other documents. James A. Phillips materials (1935-1943) include correspondence with Timothy Shea (assistant president, BLF) regarding the ten and twelve hour workday; letters of congratulations from Franklin D. Roosevelt on ORC's 70th anniversary; a letter regarding American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations attempts to unite; also a typed ms. (106 pp.), "Historical Sketch of the Origin and Development of the Transportation System Properties Operated as Part of the Southern Pacific System"; and other items. Roy O. Hughes materials (1950-1958) include data gathered on the case of an entire ground crew fired for refusing to cross a picket line; minutes of a meeting of the Association of General Committees, Districts 1, 2, and 3 (1953); letters of Hughes and Karl R. Bendestet (assistant secretary of Army) (1952) regarding railroad operation by the government; and other documents. J.A. Paddock materials (1958-1964) include discussion of a proposed merger with BRT; background information on labor-management relations in the railroad industry (1969); and Paddock's proposal on wage structure (1962). Other materials include data sheets of information collected for "History of Railway Labor Act", prepared by ORC & B; speeches and other documents; and additional routine materials concerning Austin B. Garretson (1906-1919), Harry W. Fraser (1941-1950), and Louis J. Wagner (1961-1964).

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