William Saroyan manuscripts, and family and business correspondence, 1929-1962.


William Saroyan manuscripts, and family and business correspondence, 1929-1962.

A mix of material collected by a book dealer including business correspondence, letters from Richard Minasian and other family members; manuscripts of LITTLE CARUSO; collections of short stories in MAN ALIVE; INHALE & EXHALE; THREE TIMES THREE; (untitled collection of 26 stories); FALSE STARTS; LOVE, HERE IS MY HAT; LITTLE CHILDREN; THE TROUBLE WITH TIGERS (1 piece); DEAR BABY; unpublished poems; GLENN KEATS, HERO; A CHRISTMAS PSALM; letters from Carol Matthau (Marcus / Saroyan) to WS; Willliam Saroyan correspondence (72 pieces); and family correspondence.

3.5 linear feet.

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Saroyan, William, 1908-1981

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Frances Ring was Editor at WESTWAYS in Los Angeles. From the description of Letters (and manuscripts and photos) to Frances Ring, 1970-1980. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754863419 Goldie Weisberg was a fellow writer whose work Saroyan had discovered in a literary magzine. Saroyan initiated the correspondence, which focuses on their respective reading, writing, and work lives. From the description of Correspondence with Goldie Weisberg, 1930-1938. (Unknown). Wor...

Saroyan, Aram

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Author, poet, and publisher and editor of Lines magazine (1964-1955), of Bolinas, Calif.; b. 1943. From the description of Aram Saroyan papers, 1974-1977. (University of Connecticut). WorldCat record id: 28420325 Aram Saroyan was born on Sept. 25, 1943; he attended the Univ. of Chicago, New York Univ., and Columbia Univ.; became a writer, publisher, and editor of Lines poetry magazine, 1964-65; contributed poetry and prose to the New York times book review, Nation, and Poetr...

Bagdassarian, Serak D.

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Saroyan, Cosette.

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Papazian, Zabe.

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Marcus, Rasheen.

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Marcus, Eleanor.

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Bagdassarian, Ross.

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Minasian, Khatchik

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Marcus, Carole L.

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Moradian, Yep.

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Kazarian, John.

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Minasian, Richard.

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Mardikian, George M., 1903-

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Wealthy San Francisco, Calif. restaurateur and Republican Party activist. Member of Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government (1955) and recipient of the Medal of Freedom (1968). From the description of George Mardikian papers, 1951-1972. (University of the Pacific). WorldCat record id: 34775120 ...