Dick Moore papers, 1926-1985.


Dick Moore papers, 1926-1985.

The Dick Moore collection contains photographs and clippings from the 1920s to 1940s, both of Moore and many other child actors who provided the material for Moore's published book, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: But Don't Have Sex or Take the Car", (1984). Other research materials and manuscripts for this book are included as well as those for a second, unpublished book, "Kids on the Block", which was to be the real story of the make-believe world of Hollywood, seen through the eyes of its child movie stars. There are also taped interviews (reel to reel, cassette, and mini-cassette) and transcripts of interviews with 29 former child actors such as: Natalie Wood, Mickey Rooney, and Margaret O'Brien. The collection also includes a 16 mm copy of a film, "The Boy and the Eagle", produced for television and nominated for an Oscar.

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Moore, Dick, 1925-

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Dick Moore was born John Richard Moore Jr., September 12, 1925, in Los Angeles. He was a child actor onscreen from 1926, known for his roles in the "Little Rascals". He used the name of Dickie Moore. He acted in many films including: "Oliver Twist", "The Cradle Song", "This Side of Heaven", "Sergeant York", and "Eight Iron Men". During World War II he was a correspondent for "Stars and Stripes". His last movie was "Member of the Wedding" in 1952 and last stage appearance was in 1956. He was famo...

Rooney, Mickey, 1945-

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Wood, Natalie T.

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O'Brien, Margaret, 1937-....

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