James J. Gibson papers, 1922-1980.


Gibson, James J. (James Jerome), 1904-1979. James J. Gibson papers, 1922-1980.

James J. Gibson papers, 1922-1980.

Professional papers include extensive drafts, notes, outlines, and occasional letters related to colloquia, conferences, courses, lectures, seminars, and symposia given at Smith College and Cornell; also, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, notes, and pamphlets for a course on propaganda planned for 1939. Gibson's experimentation and research papers include drafts, notes, and correspondence in many areas of perceptual psychology including aviation, perspective, and physiological optics. Documentation for published material includes drafts and typescripts of articles, books, essays, short papers, diagrams, original sketches, photographs, and tables; also, annotated reprints by Gibson and other prominent psychologists. Correspondence includes letters to and from the Houghton Mifflin Company and LEONARDO magazine concerning Gibson's writing career; with groups such as the National Academy of Sciences, the Symposium of Oral Sensation, and the Research Career Award; and with Rudolf Arnheim, Jacob Beck (University of Oregon), Edwin G. Boring (Harvard University), James Bosma (National Institute of Dental Research), Michelangelo Fluckiger (with a recommendation from Jean Piaget), E. H. Gombrich, Mary Henle, Gunnar Johansson, David N. Lee, William Mace (University of Texas) Norman Malcolm (Cornell University), Frank J. Malina (founder and editor of LEONARDO magazine), Fabio Metelli (Italy), and Albert Michotte. Joseph M. Notterman (Princeton Advisory Council), Joseph Royce (Center for Theoretical Psychology), and Robert E. Shaw (University of Connecticut). Also, Gibson books annotated by Gibson.

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Gibson, James J. (James Jerome), 1904-1979

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