Cornell University President's and Provost's Office memorabilia, 1980-1994.


Cornell University President's and Provost's Office memorabilia, 1980-1994.

Collection consists of papers and memorabilia from Cornell President Frank Harold Trevor Rhodes' trip to China, including pamphlets, brochures, scrolls, a ceramic idol, and Xian Jiaotong University Banner; two matched plates, and a pair of covered blue and white tea cups from China; Chinese prints from visiting scholars Li Pei and Li Mingde; bamboo scroll painting from Cao Guisheng, Chinese counsel-general; calligraphy by Y.F. Liu; Korean Tourist Association plaque of appreciation; tea cups from China; a plaque regarding the fortieth anniversary of Tokai University; a medallion fron Xian Jiatong University; autograph of and clippings concerning astronaut Byron Lichtenberg; an embroidered tapestry, made in China and sent by James E.P. Tai ('29); a bamboo scroll painting presented by the counseller and secretary of the Chinese Embassy to President Rhodes; and a framed photo of flowers from Mayor Huang Ta-Chow, Taipei to Rhodes with inscription. Plaque given by King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, to Cornell University, April 2, 1985; copies of correspondence of Charles G. Rickard with Frank Rhodes relating to the Saudi Arabian Consortium, 1985. Chinese scroll and schedule of visit of delegation from Qinghua University. Vase from Pakistan. Box and plaque from Institut Teknologi, Indonesia. Plate from Professor Lo Yi-yun of Sichuan University. Plate and wallet from Professor Kanyo Nieh. Plaque and silver-plated pitcher from Kuwait. Photo album from a visit to the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in 1977. Mug and drawstring pouch from Onondaga County. Medallion and case from Augusta Georgia University. Souvenir representing the head of Hanuman presented by Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia on the occasion of his visit to Cornell, Feb. 26, 1980, with autographed presentation card and photographs of the visit. Award volume from the University of Bologna, 1989. Decorative stand and large vase, 1990. Gifts presented to President Rhodes on his trip to East Asia in the Fall of 1990: vase from Samuel C. Shieh, vase from Han Pei-tsun, vase from Fredric F. Chion, ceramic horse from Ta-cho Huang, larger ceramic horse from Mao Kao-wen, doll, and 2 medallions from Seoul National University. Other memorabilia include a ticket stub from a 1940 Cornell football game, autographed by the coach Carl Snavely. Iroquois sweetgrass basket, booklet on "Basic Splint Basketry," and three photographs of President Frank Rhodes at the dedication of the American Indian residence house at Cornell University; Chinese wall hanging cloth depicting Great Wall; two "blue books," presented to President Rhodes by the signatories, Cornell alumni living in Korea. Gifts presented to Special Assistant to the President, Alison Casarett, including several medallions for Mansoura University, National Taiwan University, Peking University, Wuhan University, the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the People's University of China, and other ephemeral items such as plaques, paperweights, marble stamps, and coins for Fudan University, Peking University, Chulalongkorn University, Chang Mai University, and others. Pear vase from Lien Chan, Premier of the Republic of China; framed photograph of Jupiter and its moons as seen by Voyager I. Two commemorative collages given by NASA of Columbia shuttle flights denoting the participation of Cornell alumni and astronauts G. David Low and Martin J. Fettman; collage by Lauren Uram depicting Columbus sailing by the Statue of Liberty.

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