Cornell Daily Sun collection, 1880-1998.


Margulis, Dan, 1951-. Cornell Daily Sun collection, 1880-1998.

Cornell Daily Sun collection, 1880-1998.

Original contract between George Francis Gifford and William Ballard Hoyt concerning the founding of the Cornell Daily Sun, June 22, 1880 and postcard to Horatio S. White advising that the first number will be issued and what it will contain, September 10, 1880. Typescript drafts of columns and letters to the editor of the Cornell Daily Sun, 1963-1968 and an invitation and two programs for the Cornell Daily Sun Banquet, 1965, one with doodles by Peter Kahn. Special, parody, and Spring Day issues of the Cornell Daily Sun include Regatta Edition, May 30, 1899; Commencement Number, 1900; Cornell Deadly Sin, 1906; Cornell Daily Fun, 1911; Cornell Badly Done, May 22, 1915; Cornell Badly Stung, 1920; Cornell Deadly Bun, 1919; Cornell Mourning Male, 1920; Cornell Wrongly Run, 1921; The Morning Roast, Nov. 1921; Camelot Courier, 1922; Cornell Yearly Sun, Feb. 1, 1923; The Winding Sheet, Mar. 7, 1923; Cornell Oily Scum, May 19, 1923; Cornell Dumbly Run, 1924; Cornell Daily Gum, 1925; The Globe & Square Dealer, 1926; L'Oiseau, 1934; The Cornell Daily Syndicate, 1951; Cornell Deadly, Sin April 1, 1954; 5th Anniversary Issue, April 16, 1955; The Cornell Inquirer, May 15, 1959; Harvard Crimson parody issue, October 10, 1959; Cornell Daily Scum, October 30, 1978, these parody issues were in some cases actually produced by The Widow; The Cornell Daily Sun: 1880-1960, 4-page section on the publishing of the paper through the years; Readings in Nuclear Peril, special issue with a selection of letters, editorials, and speeches on the general topic of nuclear war published on behalf of the Committee on Nuclear Peril of the Cornell University Faculty, 1962 (20 pp.); and Yale Daily News parody issue, November 3, 1989. Also, photocopy of the Daily Sun Extra edition for December 7, 1941, with Pearl Harbor headline. Also, a copy of A Century at Cornell, edited by Daniel Margulis and designed by John Schroeder, published by the Sun to commemorate its centennial, including an article by Kurt Vonnegut, and Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Directory, 1998. Also CD of the 125th Anniversary Dinner, held on September 17, 2005, with featured speaker Kurt Vonnegut '44.

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