History 421 papers, 2004.


Cornell University. Dept. of History. History 421 papers, 2004.

History 421 papers, 2004.

Research papers written for Michael Kammen's senior seminar, Art Controversies in American Culture, concerning the history of art-related controversies in the U.S. Papers include "Stella's Journey from Minimal to Maximal Art," by Emily Bauman; "Donald Wildmon's War on the Arts," by Mackenzie Damon; "The Boilerhouse Addition to the Victoria & Albert Museum: The Daniel Libeskind Spiral Building," by Kathryn Meg Frankel; "The Life and Art of 'Happenings'," by Lydia Gilbert; "Hercules' 13th Labor: The Twelve Year Odyssey of Michael Spafford's The Twelve Labors of Hercules," by Alex Jackson; "The Great American Nude Exposed: An Exploration of the Themes and Social Significance of Tom Wesselman's Controversial Series," by Lisa Jacobs; "Salomania," by Jaffa Panken; "Surface, Surface, Surface: The Problem with 'American Psycho'," by Jonathan W. Rich; and "Redefining Community Standards: Cincinnati and the Robert Mapplethorpe A Perfect Moment Exhibition," by Courtney Ritter.

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Stella, Frank, 1945-

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Frank Stella (1936- ) is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor from New York, N.Y. From the description of Frank Stella papers, 1941-1993, bulk, 1978-1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79000719 Painter (New York, N.Y.). From the description of Frank Stella interview, 1969. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220180337 Frank Stella (b. 1936) achieved professional recognition at a young age and soon became internationally prominent and influential....

Libeskind, Daniel, 1946-

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American architect, born in Poland. Libeskind studied music at Lodz Conservatory, then architecture at Cooper Union, New York, and Essex University, England. He won the competition to design the Jewish Museum extension to the Berlin Museum in 1989. From the description of Daniel Libeskind papers, 1968-1992. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 82187507 Biographical/Historical Note The architect Daniel Libeskind...

Jackson, Alex M.

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Jacobs, Lisa

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Wildmon, Donald E.

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Cornell University. Dept. of History.

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Wesselman, Tom, 1931-

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Damon, Mackenzie.

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Bauman, Emily.

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Ellis, Bret Easton

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Kammen, Michael G.

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Panken, Jaffa.

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Ritter, Courtney.

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Frankel, Kathryn Meg.

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Salome (Biblical figure)

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Spafford, Michael, 1935-

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Spafford (b. 1935) is a painter and educator; he married painter and sculptor Elizabeth Sandvig in 1959. From the description of Oral history interview with Michael Spafford and Elizabeth Sandvig, 1992 Sept. 2-4 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 83688696 Spafford, Michael, 1935, Painter, sculptor. Spafford (b. 1935) is a painter and educator; he married painter and sculptor Elizabeth Sandvig in 1959. From the description o...

Gilbert, Lydia.

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Rich, Jonathan W.

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Mapplethorpe, Robert

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Mapplethorpe, Robert. American Photographer. Born: New York City, 4 November 1946. Education: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, 1963-70. Career: Underground film-maker, New York, 1965-70; photographer, collagist, assemblagist, New York, 1970-72. Independent photographer, New York, since 1972. Died: 9 March 1989. From the description of Robert Mapplethorpe. (International Center of Photography). WorldCat record id: 701252064 ...