Rime, [14--].


Rime, [14--].

Various sonetti and canzone by Petrarch, Dante, Cino da Pistoia, Boccaccio, Sennuccio del Bene, Giacopo de Garatori da Imola, Stramazzo da Perugia (leaves 199v-133v), Sallustius, De bello Jugurthae (leaf 136v), index in Italian (leaves 137r-141v), Note, Laura proprius (leaf 142v), Lucretius, De rerum natura (leaves 142v-143r, on palimpsest vellum), fragment of poem Impositim cinerem (leaf 143r-v).

1 v. (143 leaves) ; 22 cm.


SNAC Resource ID: 7907730

Cornell University Library

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Garatori, Giacopo de, da Imola.

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Sallust, 86-34 B.C.

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Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375

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Epithet: poet and scholar British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000561.0x000124 ...

Confidati, Eustachio.

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Benedettino, Paolino Manciani.

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Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321

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Prolific poet, Florentine exile, and advocate of the Italian vernacular's destined role in the diffusion of literature, philosophy, and political thought. Dante's Divine Comedy proves its importance as a testimony to the beliefs, customs, and the contemporary experience of the late medieval period whose sense of vision prefigures the first signs of Renaissance civilization. This collection original works, criticial works, and memorabilia remains the largest of its kind outside of Italy (Enciclop...

Fiske, Willard, 1831-1904

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The coins were purchased by Willard Fiske from H. H. I. Lynge of Copenhagen in 1899. From the description of Runic coins, circa 1047-1076. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 489960820 Linguist, bibliophile, chess expert. First university librarian at Cornell University. Assembled impressive collections of Dante, Petrarch, Icelandia, etc. From the description of Willard Fiske letters [manuscript], 1875 and 1879. (University of Virginia). WorldCat re...


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Epithet: of MS Facsimile 116 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000705.0x000110 Epithet: of Sloane MS 3207 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000705.0x000111 ...

Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374

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Francesco Petrarca (b. July 20, 1304, Arezzo, Italy–d. July 19, 1374, Arquà, Italy), commonly anglicized as Petrarch, was a scholar and poet of Renaissance Italy who was one of the earliest humanists. His rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited with initiating the 14th-century Renaissance. Petrarch is often considered the founder of Humanism. Petrarch would be later endorsed as a model for Italian style by the Accademia della Crusca. Petrarch stduied law at the University of Montpell...

Del Bene, Sennuccio, -1349

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Stramazzo, Muzio

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Cino, da Pistoia, 1270?-1336 or 1337

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