Pamphlets on the government of late 18th-century France, 1732-1789 (bulk 1760-1789).


Pamphlets on the government of late 18th-century France, 1732-1789 (bulk 1760-1789).

Essays, decrees, minutes of meetings, speeches, poems, satires, fiction, fictitious dialogues, a political catechism, and an acrostic concerning the French government, mainly at the national or provincial level, with some material from localities. Topics covered include France's Parlements, the monarchy, Catholicism as a political issue, the influence of the Enlightenment, the three estates, the Assembly of Notables, the convocation of the Estates General in 1789, the administration of Jacques Necker, and the Diamond Necklace Affair. Included is a list of localities sending deputations to the Estates General of 1789. Authors represented include Charles Alexandre de Calonne, Jacques Necker, Honoré-Gabriel de Riquetti comte de Mirabeau, Louis XVI, Guy-Jean-Baptiste Target, Jean-Paul Rabaut Saint-Etienne, Joseph Antoine Joachim Cérutti, and Jérôme Pétion.

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Pétion, J. (Jérôme), 1756-1794. (person)

Target, avocat (Guy-Jean-Baptiste), 1733-1806 (person)

Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel de Riquetti, comte de, 1749-1791 (person)

Honoré Mirabeau was a French politician and orator, a prominent figure in the National Assembly that governed France during the early phases of the French Revolution. From the guide to the Archives Mirabeau., 1771-1920, and undated., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) French Revolution politician. Spent 8 years in prison in his youth, primarily due to lettres de cachet obtained by his father. From the description of Letter, 1780 April...

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Phelypeaux, Count de Maurepas, was a French statesman and administrator, born in 1701 to Louis XIV's Secretary of State. Phelypeaux served under both Louis XV and Louis XVI, during which time he reformed the French navy and aided in the aristocracy's obstruction of political reform. From the description of 18th century French royal commission, 1759 May 24. (Temple University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122646282 ...

Calonne, M. de (Charles Alexandre de), 1734-1802. (person)

Rabaut, Jean-Paul, 1743-1793 (person)

Cérutti, Joseph-Antoine-Joachim, 1738-1792 (person)

France. Assemblée des notables (1787-1788) (corporateBody)

Necker, Jacques, 1732-1804 (person)

Necker, a Swiss born, Protestant French statesman, was the finance minister of France (1776-1781). Necker played an important role in assisting the American Revolution of 1776, by providing finances for the American cause. From the description of [Letters, 1779-1789] / Necker. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 301351545 ...