Oral history interview with Jay Wright Forrester, 1975.


Oral history interview with Jay Wright Forrester, 1975.

This interview concerns the work leading to the development of the Whirlwind computer at MIT. Forrester begins with his work in the MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory on an aircraft stability analyzer. He explains how the complexity of the problem made him change his plan and use a digital computer instead of the MIT differential analyzer. This leads to a discussion of the Whirlwind computer, and the choice of computer architecture and storage technology. Forrester describes the completion of a prototype in 1947, of an operating computer in 1949, the invention of magnetic core memory, and its incorporation into the Whirlwind in 1953.

Sound cassette : 1 (60 min.) : analog, mono.Transcript : 19 p.


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University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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