W.J. Eckert papers, 1931-1975.


W.J. Eckert papers, 1931-1975.

Correspondence, astronomy lecture notes, drafts of publications, research notes, and miscellaneous materials relating to Eckert's work in astronomy, celestial mechanics, and punched card systems.

1.5 cubic ft.


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University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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Wallace John Eckert received his Ph.D. in astronomy from Yale in 1931 and became part of the faculty at Columbia that same year. He established the Thomas J. Watson Astronomical Computing Laboratory in the early 1930s and strongly urged IBM to develop a scientific calculator. His book, Punched Card Methods in Scientific Computation (1940), influenced the development of the electronic computer. In 1940, Eckert left Columbia to become the director of the Nautical Almanac Office of the U.S. Naval O...

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