Letters to Thomas Jefferson and Philip P. Barbour 1811, 1833.


Barbour, Philip Pendleton, 1783-1841,. Letters to Thomas Jefferson and Philip P. Barbour 1811, 1833.

Letters to Thomas Jefferson and Philip P. Barbour 1811, 1833.

Letter, 1811 August 29, to Thomas Jefferson from Joseph Johnson and others of the Seventy-Six Society of Charleston, S.C., sending a copy of an oration by Benjamin A. Markley. Other signers include J.B. White, William Lance, Joseph Kirkland, and Myer Moses. Docketed by Jefferson with a mathematical calculation on the verso. Letter, 1833 July 1, to Philip P. Barbour from John M. Patton concerning the tariff of 1832.

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Patton, John M. (John Mercer), 1797-1858

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Moses, Myer, 1779-1833,

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Johnson, Joseph, 1776-1862

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Lance, William, 1791-1840

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Markley, Benjamin A. (Benjamin Arthur), 1787-1851

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Seventy-Six Association.

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Kirkland, Joseph, 1830-1894

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Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826

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White, J. B.,

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Barbour, Philip Pendleton, 1783-1841

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