Alumni : Counties and Countries of orgin (Brant-Lincoln Counties) : First Year students, 1937, OAC Review, v.50, no.2, Nov. 1937, p. 122-124. 1937.


Alumni : Counties and Countries of orgin (Brant-Lincoln Counties) : First Year students, 1937, OAC Review, v.50, no.2, Nov. 1937, p. 122-124. 1937.

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Eddy, T. J. (person)

Miller, Robert. (person)

Music publisher. From the description of Reminiscences of Robert Miller : oral history, 1958. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122527434 Hatter from Penn Yan, N.Y. From the description of Robert Miller daybook, 1820-1828. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 63934985 ...

Smith, J. Alfred (James Alfred) (person)

The Rev. Dr. James Alfred Smith, Sr. pastured to African-American Baptist churches in Missouri and California from 1960-2009. He was born in 1931 in Kansas City, and over a period of twenty years, he earned four college degrees, the last, a Doctor of Ministry (1975). In 1970 Smith became pastor of Allen Temple Baptist Church (ATBC), an African-American church with a high percentage of Latino members, located in Oakland, California. He relinquished his position of pastor of the ATBC ...

Glass, F. D. (person)

Fransen, H. (person)

Bothwell, G. N. (person)

Howes, J. W. (person)

Brown, J. A. (Judith Anne), 1951- (person)

Utter, H. D. (person)

Ingersoll, G. G. (person)

McBridge, C. A. (person)

Bailey, F. Amos, 1957- (person)

McLaren, K. W. (person)

McCutcheon, W. E. (person)

Pugh, W. K. (person)

Armstrong, J. D. (person)

Riley, Eugenia (person)

Greb, W. E. (person)

Gray, A. J. (Alan J.) (person)

Epithet: of Oswego, USA British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000839.0x0003d3 ...

Hobbs, G. A. (person)

Burnie, G. E. (person)

Coverdale, M. W. (person)

Thomson, D. Q. (person)

Blackhall, J. Cameron (James Cameron) (person)

Bacher, R. C. (person)

Henderson, W. Lorne, Mrs. (person)

During World War I, W.L. Henderson served with the 15th Lancers (Indian Army) in France, Mesopotamia and Persia. While in Persia with the Bushire Force, whose main duties were the protection of the wireless and telegraph stations, he was sent with a small contingent to Shiraz in the central part of the country to restore order among feuding tribes. The mission included building approximately 40 miles of road over the central plain of Persia through a series of high mountain ranges and steep moun...

Miller, R. H., 1934- (person)

Murray, C. Andrew. (person)

Gillanders, J. C. (person)

Hall, J. W. (John William) (person)

Richard, P. M. (person)

Swan, A. M. (Alonzo M.) (person)

Fahner, H. H. (person)

Dukes, T. A. (person)

Warwick, H. A. (person)

Truax, N. E. (person)

Reynolds, G. F. F. (person)

Arnott, J. H (person)

Fitzerald, T. (person)

Harper, H. D. (person)

Aitken, E. K. (person)

McIlveen, G. A. (person)

Braid, J. B. (person)

Moore, R. C (person)

McLean, D. R. (person)

Snell, P. E. (person)

Slemon, C. B. (person)

Morgan, J. B. (John Butler) (person)

King, J. N. (person)

O'Callaghan, F. J. (person)

Dixon, C. F. (person)

Stewart, A. M. (person)

Hicks, D. Emily (person)

Cohoon, J. C. (person)

Van Patter, A. C. (person)

Anderson, R. Joseph (person)

White, L.S.M. (person)

Smith, J. Cavenee (person)

Teeple, W. L. (person)

Schuel, R. W. (person)

Yates, V. W. (person)

Miller, R.C. (person)

Missionary for the Mormon Church in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, 1910-1912. From the description of Journal, 1909-1940. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122622545 From the guide to the R.C. Miller journal, 1909-1940, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) ...

Brown, J. Brooks (person)

Robinson, C. M. (person)

Dawley, B. O. (person)

Smith, J. L. (Nurse) (person)

McNeven, S.C . (person)

Ainslie, T. E. C. (person)

Atkey, J. N. (person)

Viens, E. H. (person)

Hawthorne, A. C. (person)

Carroll, T. W. (person)