Macdonald Alumnae, OAC Review, v.50, no.1, Oct. 1937, p. 52-53. 1937.


Macdonald Alumnae, OAC Review, v.50, no.1, Oct. 1937, p. 52-53. 1937.

1 p.

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Oliver Wallace (1887-1963) was a British composer who specialized in composing music for film. He worked extensively with Walt Disney Studios. 1 The film der Fuehrer's Face won the academy award for best animated short film in 1943. It was created to promote American patriotism on the home front and encourage the purchase of war bonds. In the film, Donald Duck is in a nightmare world where he is a Nazi and is forced to work producing artillery shells. At the end of the f...

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d. September 3, 2000. From the description of Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81665384 ...

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