Results of final examinations, 1937 : First Year Degree, OAC Review, v.49, no.7, Apr.-May 1937, p. 459-460. 1937.


Results of final examinations, 1937 : First Year Degree, OAC Review, v.49, no.7, Apr.-May 1937, p. 459-460. 1937.

2 p.

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Charles F. Miller was a bass singer and soloist for the Mendelssohn Male Choir of Washington, Pennsylvania. They performed in many music halls in the region, especially Carnegie Hall (Pittsburgh, Pa.). Miller also performed in the Washington and Jefferson Male Quartet. Mr. Miller's wife was an organist. From the description of Scrapbook 1903-1920. (Historical Society of W Pennsylvania). WorldCat record id: 35689937 ...

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OAC Review Index (University of Guelph) (corporateBody)

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Gustavus C. Pearson was born at Ravenna, Ohio on July 17, 1827. He and his father, Judge John Pearson, came separately to California from Illinois in 1849 for the Gold Rush. Gustavus travelled overland through Salt Lake City, and, on Brigham Young's recommendation, created with his companions the first wagon road from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles via San Bernardino. After his involvement in the Gold Rush, Gustavus returned to Chicago, where he remained until 1867. On his return to California, G...

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Henderson, W. Lorne, Mrs. (person)

During World War I, W.L. Henderson served with the 15th Lancers (Indian Army) in France, Mesopotamia and Persia. While in Persia with the Bushire Force, whose main duties were the protection of the wireless and telegraph stations, he was sent with a small contingent to Shiraz in the central part of the country to restore order among feuding tribes. The mission included building approximately 40 miles of road over the central plain of Persia through a series of high mountain ranges and steep moun...

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James Max Bond, Sr. and Ruth Elizabeth Clement Bond, husband and wife, both hailed from prominent and well-educated African-American families. J. Max Bond, Sr., State Department and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) official and president of the University of Liberia, was born in Nashville, Tennessee on September 15, 1902. His father, James M. Bond (1863-1929), a Congressional Minister and community leader served as the first director of the Kent...

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